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[ZenFone2] Installing the Recovery mode driver on Windows

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I’ve seen a lot of Zen fans trying to usethe adb sideload function of Recovery to flash the genuine ROM back onto their phones,but they encountered the problem of the device unable to be detected. So Iorganized a clean computer to try it out, and similar situations really didoccur (it must be a bug). Therefore, I tried to solve this problem and capturedsome images while doing so, hoping it can help Zen fans who also encounteredthis problem.

ZenFone 2 ZE551ML (Z00A) is used as the examplebelow, but other ZenFone 2 devices ZE550ML (Z008) and ZE500CL (Z00D) shouldalso be similar; the platform used is Windows 7 64bit.

First download the driver and extract it: ...
Then boot the phone into recovery and selectapply update from ADB; and then connect the phone to the computer using a USBcable. During this time, the device installation should fail no matter whatmethod you use, but that’s ok; first open device manager.

First find the Android Phone with theexclamation mark, then right-click the mouse and select update driver.

Select the “Browse”option below.

Select choose fromlist.

Select to display alltypes here; you can also select ASUS Android Device if it is available.

5.jpg 6.jpg
Now choose accordingto the options available; if you can find ASUSTek COMPUTER INC undermanufacturers and the ASUS Android ADB Interface model next to it, then selectit. If not, click “Install from disk”.

7.jpg 8.jpg
Click “Browse” andselect the driver folder that we previously downloaded: Please browse to the “Android”folder under “Windows_XP_VISTA_7_8_8.1”.

9.jpg 10.jpg
Here you can see alist of devices that you can choose from; since we are currently trying toenable the adb sideload function of recovery, select “ASUS Android ADBInterface” or the “ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface” with the longer name.However, this is usually used on devices with the USB debug enabled afterpowering on.

The system will askyou to confirm again; please press Y bravely.

Completed; now adbsideload can be used to flash the genuine ROM back onto the phone.

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