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[Android Operation/Settings] Together - Connect with friends from your watch face

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With the Together watch face, you can connect with friends by sharing doodles, emojis, photos, and activities you're up to, right from your watch face.

Set up Together as your watch face
Before starting, make sure both you and your friend are running the latest versions of Android Wear on your watches and the Android Wear app on your phones.

1. Wake up the watch and swipe the screen from right. Tap "Together" -> "Look for nearby watches".
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2. Select your account. Ask a friend to open Together on another watch and start pairing.
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3. After pairing is completed, use Together watch face and choose what you want to share with your friends.
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Start using Together watch face
To start using Together to connect with a friend, touch your friend's photo on the Together watch face and choose what you want to share, including:

Your activity
In the settings, you can choose to share your status with your partner. For example, when you're out on a jog, your friend will see an icon showing you're currently running.

Express yourself with emoji combinations. You can combine up to 10 to create a question or statement.

Choose from sets of fun stickers to send to your friend's watch face.

Quick doodles
Choose a color from the palette and use your finger to sketch a drawing to decorate your friend's watch face. To confirm and send, touch the tick that appears after a short pause. The drawing will then appear in the background of their watch face.

Choose from your most recent 10 photos to share. The photo will appear as your friend's background image.

For more detailed information, please refer to link below:

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