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[Software/Firmware] How to set a limit for data usage?

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Data usage refers to the amount of data uploaded or downloaded by your device during a given period. Depending on the device and your wireless plan, you may be charged additional fees when your data usage exceeds your plan's limit.

Note:The usage displayed on the data usage settings screen is measured by your device. Your carrier's data usage accounting may differ. Usage in excess of your carrier plan's data limits can result in steep overage charges. The feature described here can help you track your usage, but is not guaranteed to prevent additional charges. For best results, set a conservative limit.

1. Tap on "Application"

2. Go to "Settings"

3. Select "Data usage"

4. Select the "Data usage cycle" drop down, which will allow you to select the data range within which you will measure data use. To set the date range, drag the white lines to the correct dates.

5. Drag the orange line by its right side to the level where you want to receive a warning. When your data usage reaches this level between the dates you have set, you’ll receive a notification and can cut down on your data usage.

6. Check "Set mobile data limit"

7. A dialog appears that describes the limit you're setting. Read the message. If you're willing to proceed, tap "OK"

8. Drag the red line by its right side to the limit you want to set. When your data usage reaches the limit, mobile data will be turned off automatically and many features of your device won't work correctly. You'll receive a notification when this occurs.

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