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List of bugs in Android 10 beta.{koi copy karke vej do asus walo ko.}1)Weird vibration when double tap wake.
2) incoming call showing after 2second
3) weird vibration when unlock with fingerprint
4) The setting suggestions cannot be removed by sliding{add another email account}.
5)In recovery mode it shows as asus X01BD(Asus zenfone max pro m2) instead of X00TD (Asus zenfone max pro m1).
6) When using navigation gestures there is an big gap below.
7) Audio quality through headphones is worst.
8) At maximum volume loud speaker crackles.
9)There is no fingerprint option.{for some users}
10) Restrict call logs and sms acess option in developer settings is not working.
11)Picture in picture mode is not working properly, can not drag the window to anywhere when using third party launchers.
12)Accent color and font settings in developer options changes back to default after  reboot.
13)Widevine L1 not supported in new stock 
Q14)Missing pubg settings
15)Weird vibrations when haptic feedback is on.
16)boot password keep getting rejected{after update to Q}17)Rotation botton is on the screen.(while tilt the phone)
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deepanrajk95 posted on 2020/1/31 23:08
List of bugs in Android 10 beta.{koi copy karke vej do asus walo ko.}1)Weird vibration when double t ...

As expected.. Nice and most detailed observations.. well done..
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rana.vishal73 posted on 2020/1/31 20:52
Bro your first query is right but your second query is wrong you won't loose any data if you updat ...

Thats just a standard precautionary procedure which should be followed whenever anyone is going to install a beta version or an OS upgrade (manual stable version) installation. Thats why it is always instructed to take a full backup of all internal storage items in a different device such as a pc. Taking risks always varies from person to person.
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Asus please provide android 10 update on Asus Max M2 device  :'( :'(
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Please release Android 10 beta of official for ZenFone Max Plus M2 💁🏻‍♂️🇧🇷 Just can't wait and you don't tell us nothing about that! 
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