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ZenFone 4 Bug Report
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My QuickStep3 is not responding frequently. It's stopping 3-4 times everday. Please fix this.
I don't if this post is relevant to or Asus or not.
You guys are the worst in updates. Look I'm not complaining for Android Q. I'm ok with the pie till now. I know in next several months we'll get Q. I hope so. But now I don't trust you guys. I've bought this Zenfone Max Pro M2 in 1st flash itself but why I'm getting late updates? And talking about updates my device is running on August 2019 security patch. At least deliver the security patch correctly. I'm so frustrated with this mobile. When this mobile was launched we got assured that we'll get the next two Android updates. But we've got pie only which was very late also. I love the specs device everything but your updates scheme are totally bad or may be worse. Atleast don't tell lies that you'll give any updates. This is such a nice device in this range with stock android. I just bought this device because of stock android. Now you guys hve shown that Asus can't be trusted. Atleast other device are getting updates.
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Hi, follow the below steps:
1. Clear app cache and force stop the app through app settings.
2. Try clearing partition cache and perform a reboot.
3. If still you face the issue factory reset your phone after taking a full backup.
4. Last option would be to visit the service centre to have a check. Locate here:
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