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[Replied] [Power/Battery] Battery drainage - 0,5% per hour in the stand-by

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mcrayven USA Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone 4 Bug Report
ZF Model: ZB631KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 9
Frequency of Occurrence: all the time
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Last edited by mcrayven on 2020/1/15 07:58

After the last December update, I have over 0,5% battery drainage per hour in the stand-by mode on my Asus Zenofone max pro m2. This did not happen before the update. I tried to reboot, hibernate all apps and to reset battery stats. Nothing works so it has to be some process in the background connected to the new security patch.

So according to advertisements, I should get about 40 hours of stand-by, and I get about 8 days...

Please fix it asap!

mcrayven USA Level 1 | All posts
Is there anybody from Asus? At least respond, and give some feedback whether this issue is on your side and you solve it or on our side?
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi, we'd recommend you to visit the nearest Authorized Asus Service center Click Here
Note: Try locating with the nearest Pin Code.
IND Level 2 | All posts
Hi asus...
In android 10 beta the battery is so good and like never before please maintain this in stable update... It feels like 5000 mah in beta update after one year.please continue this
mcrayven USA Level 1 | All posts
hello I did factory reset and it helped. thanks for the answers.
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