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[Replied] [Signal/ Connection] Both SIM cards show No service

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Network issue post update you can try the below Steps:

1. We have tested that if you reset your phone post .98 update the network issue disappears.
2. If not, you can downgrade your firmware (All details mentioned in the below link)
3. Update the .98 file manually & not through OTA update.
click here for manual install method
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Last edited by jestine74 on 2020/1/18 08:32

I do not know what magic happened overnight but my phone xender discord omegle is back to life. Both SIM networks are normal. I still love my Zenfone 5z
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Hi I'm using
I'm getting no signal, voice radio off

However, it did occur from the last update i.e the first Android 10 update
I manually updated to January update hoping it to get resolved, but no use
Should I downgrade to pie
Or is it a hardware issue?
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