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[Replied] Phone become sluggish after updates

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ZenFone 4 Bug Report
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My phone became slow and erratic after recent firmware update. Tried system reboot and other options suggested by customer care team except factory reset. Kindly look into the problem and suggest remedy. Or I have to reset my phone to factory reset and andenjoy original android version.
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Hi if you have tried the steps mentioned by customer care, below are some troubleshooting which might help for smooth device performance, if these doesn't work you need to reset your device.

1. Check if there isn't any third party app which might have caused the device to slow down
2. Your device should have few % of storage left as less free space on device can cause device to run slow
3. RAM management - there should always be adequate RAM available if the device needs to work flawlessly
4. Restart whenever you face this issue
5. Restart the device in safe mode - i.Power button hold for 2 seconds, ii. tap on the power off message which pops up on screen, hold for few seconds it will give you an option to boot in safe mode.
6. Also, check if your device is on the latest software version - Version WW-15.00.1911.107 if not already updated
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