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[Chat] ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 and their Great Customer Service

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I'm so disappointed with how "ASUS" and their Customer Service works, first when i gave them my phone for a check up because I've noticed my phone's fingerprint is loosened then they told me to come once i receive their message then a few hours later they said they have seen water on my "hone" and they said that my battery is swollen (I don't know if i can call this a smartphone since its still lagging and freezing even though i just use Facebook and light apps it's 6GB Ram with Snapdragon 660 on it.) And Then they voided my warranty, later on i claimed my phone 3 days later and i noticed my phone is not shutdown then when i checked settings and go to Battery and clicked battery usage then i saw something that shocked me... THEY'RE FREAKING USING MY PHONE, I've seen my Google Photos opened for 30 MINUTES AND MY OTHER APPS SUCH AS FACEBOOK ETC... ALSO I'VE NOTICED A CRACKED ON MY PHONE'S CASE AFTER THEY OPENED MY PHONE AND CHECK IT OUT... YOU KNOW WHAT'S WORST? THE PROBLEM GOT WORST CAUSE THEY'RE USING MY PHONE, I'VE GAVE YOUR BRAND MANY CHANCESBECAUSE I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT YOUR SMARTPHONES IMPROVE BUT NO, YOU DISAPPOINTED ME.
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Are they actually authorized service center? If yes, report them. though im not sure where and if someone will read it.
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where is this service center? 
Yes, it's their customer service in SM Mall of Asia.
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You should have went for the Zenfone5
Non mainstream asus phones suck
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