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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551KL
Firmware/APP Version: Oreo ww_15.0410.1807.75_0
Frequency of Occurrence: Permanent
Rooted: No
APP Name: Camera
Screenshot: -
Dear Sir,
My ZE552KL has been acting strange lately. The camera focus is failed, on both Auto-Focus or manual.
The infrared sensor works well since I can still use it for the Distance Measurement apk, and the front Camera is working OK.

I have reset the Camera to Factory Setting with no avail..., the Camera focus still not working.

Any clue what should I do?
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the AF should be fixed in the latest FW. You can try to clear cache on camera apps. then try to duplicate the issue again.
I did all suggestions there is available, clear cache, wipe cache, factory setting, all of them, and the problem remain.
I even tried several times to put saliva on the camera glass to confuse the camera focus. It did the magic, but only for a short while.
I also went to Asus authorized Service Center, but the reply is discouraging.
They suggest to have my phone checked, but they are going to charge me for the service and potential camera part replacement if necessary due to the fact that my phone is already out of warranty period.
Is this the way Asus treat your own customers due to YOUR own defective product?
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