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Front camera problem

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melisapiado341 THA Level 1 | All posts
Hi. My front camera stopped  working last week. I am using the phone model ASUS _XOOHD. The camera flip icon is displayed  but doesn't  work. Video call doesn't  show the flip icon. The back camera is all good.
MYS Moderator | All posts
Hi melisapiado341,

Have you updated to the latest firmware? Since when did this issue start to happen?
MYS Level 1 | All posts
My fone Asus Z017D asus zenfone..why camera behind take picture used behind camera and the result is blur the picture not focus..why can u explain how to setting
melisapiado341 THA Level 1 | All posts
Hi hasmaazieyra have you solved your problem? Mine has been solved on it's  own after I messaged them here. It just work perfectly well the next time I check it. Hope it's  the same for you. 
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