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My zenfone 3 max not update 8.1 
Why I m not getting any update on Asus Zenfone m1 8.1 Oreo pls update
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Last edited by ruben17al on 2019/7/18 07:53

Hi asus, i use the ZC600KL and update the ZEN UI (V.9)
there's so many bug, my speaker doesn't work, when i use a headset it's sounds not good, even when i use the WizardAudio it's supposed the make it better, but then it's make the audio more awful.

I'm just thinking from last night, is the update just bad or did i make a mistake so it look far from update improvement.
Gente não to conseguindo fazer a atualização Beta no zenfone  4 selfie  já fiz de tudo mais não vai 
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Dear all,
Please kindly post your issue according to your model to get more specific information.
Thank you.
My asus zenfone 5z have a camera bug its doing blur all the things. How it will fix
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