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Nine months. Eight Pixelmasters. Seven fields.

Cebu is my epicenter for the culminating event of the Pixelmaster Grand Prix, the penultimate chapter in the saga that is the Pixelmaster Class campaign by Asus Philippines. No adjective nor descriptive context can define what the Queen City of the South is, the vibrant life mixed with the glory of the past echoes in every part of this amazing location. While history may be the foundation of this city's appeal, taking on its more vivid and explicating mores posed a challenge not only to those who participated in the biggest nationwide photowalk in the country to date, but also inspired us Pixelmasters to take on the dare head on as well. Never a small feat to elucidate the ideals of a place, especially one which has a very rich and diverse historical root, nonetheless it was a worthy call to arms to take on and showcase its beauty thru the stories of visual imagery.


The journey starts with a look into the past, delving into the nature of what the city has to offer. Religion commands the life of any, if not all, locales in the country. The past weaves our foundation into a connecting principle, how we started as a nation defines our identity into what our present has become. Cebu embraces that concept wholeheartedly and with a flair unique only to its own, as presented by its people.


The doors of faith are always open, may it be local or visitors alike. It mirrors the quintessential culture of the Filipinos, a warm welcome to all those who are new and an embrace of acceptance found nowhere else in the world.


Beauty not only resides in the people but also in the presentation of the ideals that represent the community. Every element is well defined and the texture of the showcase done meticulously. The care and attention to detail is unparalled, a reflection on the cultural and artisan spirit of the people residing in the city.


Honoring history is a process not only for the seasoned but also for those who are the future, side by side in the pursuit of valuing the importance of the past and the promise of the present. To present daily life in the most vivid of forms, to embrace not only the significance of the ideals of a place but also all its other aspects as well.

Daily living is an ever present subject that forms the backbone of a locale's culture, no two cities have the same way of life no matter how similar they may look. The subtleties are those that differentiate one place from another, no matter how minute they may be.





In retrospect, walking on the narrow paths of Carbon and the streets that surround the market gives a sense of feel for the city of Cebu in general, an organized chaos of sights and sounds that resounds the soul of the metropolis - resilient, industrious and plenty. Every corner commits on the paragon of variety, every person exudes a presence of self-identity. Culture is alive in every point of the marketplace.


A city's worth is measured by the balance of its dynamism and static manifestation, of the flow of human activity and the resolution of objectives that are fulfilled in every day of the year. It is a careful equilibrium of taking pride in one's own identity while concurrently showing a sense of community and belongingness. To be part of something bigger supersedes the need to consummate an individual's requisites and wants.



From the bustling streets of Carbon to the gentry walks of Colon we find the spirit of Cebu, the adherence to the old ways of life that attest to the city's penchant for nostalgia. We discover the pleasures of manual work, of labors that require skill and of the gratification in the according of each person's distinctiveness.



Further from the center of the city and into the nearby urban areas surrounding it we find life imitating art, points where the younger ones thrive and enjoy the grind of the day and of people appreciating the common scene that for many is just a part of their environment. What makes an object or an idea extraordinary is the exceeding attention and the interest into its intricate aspect. The spirit of adventure keeps the heart of a place beating.



For the epilogue of this journey, I summate my narrative on the visual images that I personally hold closer to my approach. What is Cebu to me, on how vividness expounds the epitome of the city and on my take of the places too familiar for all who have knowledge of the city.


Discovery takes us to destinations that we know will evoke a higher sense of worth. Our perceptions are magnified when we explore and we find a deeper meaning into things common from our expectations. I believe it is the same feeling that those who first traveled to our shores probably and surely felt as well. If only the cross of Magellan can talk, if only the churches can sound off their past.


We serve as the vanguards of our identity, of the rich past and the convergent present that will take us into the future. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to safeguard what we have and had, it is part of our cultural responsibility to be redundantly - responsible. To love our identity as intently as to how we show feelings to those closest to us.


Viva Cebu! Viva Asus!

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