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Nowadays,it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. So get ample sized bag, one that is easy to carry all the necessities for your safety:

  • A whistle, which can help you produce sounds that signal for help.
  • Emergency maps and contacts. It’s best to keep a list of safety and evacuation centers, in case of acts of nature strike.
  • Source of illumination – a flashlight can be helpful; especially when stuck in a situation that calls for it. Don’t forget to have an extra set of batteries, just to be safe.
  • A multi-tool kit that features the basic set of tools you need, such as:
    > Pocketknife
    > Scissors
    > Pliers
    > Can opener
  • Emergency food and water to replenish your energy.
  • Source of heat. Pack emergency candles and matches if in case the cold arrives. Thermal blankets (that can also make shift into raincoats) can also be bought at eh local drug stores.
  • Garbage bags

  • Basic first aid and sanitary kit, which have the following items:
    > Facemask
    > Face Towel
    > Dental Kit
    > Thermometer
    > Eye wash and bath
    > Sticky tape
    > Antiseptics
    > Distilled water   
    > Gauze
    > Plasters of various sizes
    > Tissue
    > Wet wipes (alcohol-free)
    > Sanitarynapkins
    > Tweezers
    > Basic meds (painkillers, cough medicine, antihistamine, and rash creams)
  • A mobile phone for communication, to be used as needed. Don’t forget to pack a charger along and even a fully-charged power bank.

Check this link out for the complete list of emergency numbers:

Check this link out for the complete list of safety/evacuation center:

For mobile phones and power banks that can help you out in any situation, check these links out:



Keep safe,ZenFans!


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