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Model: ZE620KL
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APP Name: Sound Recorder
Last edited by kenny.gilbert.obrien on 2019/4/18 15:35

I am a guitar player and i use my zenfone 5 to record audio of me playing and with my friend to singalong or cover songs.

The quality was good few weeks ago, clear, no noise, loud. I was amazed with zenfone 5 quality. Though the size is large (20mb / 1min recording) but i dont mind because the quality is good

But recently the quality became only 1mb / min, became more noisy, and the type became .aac. i know they said aac is better than mp3 but it is not. Small size? I dont care large files as long as it is crystal clear.

What can i do to get the previous setting back? Seriously if this is because of the update, this aint
a useful update.

Please help
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what is your current FW version?
have you tried this FW version (Version v16.0615.1903.92)?
check on recording settings then change into high quality recording
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