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[Chat] Video cracking issue in ASUS max pro m1

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saiktsarkar IND Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by saiktsarkar on 2019/3/8 14:48

I dont know is it the problem with app or the device for last 2days i facing this . When i try to watch video in 1080p60 fps frame rate is slowing down and sometimes i can see the minor crack .i uninstall the latest youtube update and reinstall it againg but the issue is still exsit . I am facing this issue only in youtube app
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I would suggest you to do a speed test of ur internet connection. 
IND Level 3 | All posts
Have you updated your device to pie beta ?
It's not the YouTube app problem. Either it's network connection problem or if you updated your phone to Pie Beta then there is a chance of bug.
saiktsarkar IND Level 2 | All posts
Nope i havent update to pie beta.. secondly i used other device with very good internet connectivity ... So request everyone that if i am posting this issue make sure to keep in mind that i did every basic setups then after i posted this 
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This issue will be fixed in the upcoming FOTA update. For the minute I would exhort not utilizing the speakers over the "splitting" volume. I am using this software when I am doing my writing work with the help of online website. My friend told me that its updates will be coming soon.
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