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We headed to the cold breezy streets of Tagaytay for the final class session of Pixelmaster Master Class. It was early in the morning when we had our meetup in Ortigas. Other meetup areas were in Quezon City and Makati. After an enjoyable class during the first day session, all that I am feeling was excitement as we travel to Tagaytay.

We arrived in Nanay Cirilas' Kapeng Barako restaurant where the Pixelmaster Master Class was held. It was a very homey and quiet place.


We were served with Kapeng Barako while waiting for everyone to arrive and start the class, perfect for Tagaytay's cold weather.


Sir Jasper started the lecture by giving his feedback on the photos we submitted during our first class session.


His insights was greatly appreciated and we took it constructively. After that, Asus team awarded the three best photos for that session. Sir Jasper then continued his lecture by giving us more knowledge and techniques in street photography.  Lecture ended by lunch time.

Tagaytay delicacies were served to us and as expected it was all good. Just what we needed in preparation for the photowalk we will be having in the afternoon.


Our first stop for the photowalk was at People's Park in the Sky. It was a challenge going up. I'm thrilled by what my camera lens would capture. Will I be able to have that "decisive moment" photo? There were moments where I just want to look around and enjoy the scenery than take photos, hahaha. Two hours was not enough to capture so many things and enjoy the cold breeze of Tagaytay at the same time.


Our next stop was at Tagaytay market. An opposite location from People's Park in the Sky. I can say this was the most challenging photowalk that we had. When you try to capture the day-to-day life of people in an unglamorous location.


This experience taught me a lot. Not just in photography, but it let me appreciate what I have and understand other people through the lens of camera. It was a great experience. We headed back to Nanay Cirilas' to take a rest and submit our chosen photos from the photowalk. Afterwards, Sir Jasper shared his feedback again to the photos we submitted. Then Asus team and Sir Jasper ended the class by giving us the certificate of completion for the Pixelmaster Master Class.


Special awards were also given and three best photos were chosen from the photowalk we had. Fortunately, one of the photo I submitted got chosen as the 3rd best photo. That was the photo I took in Tagaytay market.


We ended the day by having the class photo together with Sir Jasper and the Asus team.

(photo courtesy of Asus Zentalk Ph)

It was indeed a successful class. I enjoyed a lot and I know each one of us did. Truly a great decision I made to start the year. It was more than I expected. I hope that I will be able to join another event or class like this in the future.

Thank you Sir Jasper for generously sharing your knowledge to us and to Asus team for conducting this awesome event. And also to my classmates turned new found friends for sharing as well your experiences. You are all awesome!


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Nice sharing Bernadette! Congrats on winning too.
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