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[Chat] Zenfone 5 Display Peel off & Hanging Problem -regards

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veeraae IND Level 1 | All posts
[size=12.8000001907349px]Dear Asus Team,[size=12.8000001907349px]                           My name is  N.Veerakumar from Coimbatore,  i have currently using Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG -Serial No :  357115064811388 , 357115064811396  purchased from 12th January 2015 , Seriously  i have facing Three majors issuse as mentioned below, So i am unable to use my phone, Really i feel very shy along with my friend for purchasing Zenfone from ASUS , I am not frequent user, so i can use my necessary purpose only, But i am facing too many problem in that .Kindly provide good solution to me as soon as possible

[size=12.8000001907349px]01.DISPLAY PEEL OFF PROBLEM (Photo's attached )

[size=12.8000001907349px] My Phone display is Peel off from My handset , But there no physical damage, i checked with Asus Service Center -Coimbatore (Compuage Private Limited) through Phone , there is no warranty for that such things , And cost of Display is around Rs.7000/-, i am terrible shocked to hear this type response ,i have ready to show  my phone anywhere , there is no physical damage,Kindly give a solution for that, Because i  am totally disappointed with this product


[size=12.8000001907349px]My phone Hanging  frequently after Lollipop at time of Phone ringing , When ,my phone battery is drain up quickly within 1 hour using mobile data, when my phone reaches 30 % percentage battery , my phone is hanged , when i try to restart it hanging again, finally my battery drainup, once i have my hanging problem, after charging only i use my phone , and  i am contacting so many times to Asus service center through online & mail , Asus people suggest me some firmware  but there is no use , i have facing hanging problem 1-2 times per day , i Please suggest solution for that

[size=12.8000001907349px]03.LOW BATTERY BACKUP

[size=12.8000001907349px]My phone has very low battery , when i using mobile data means my phone drainup within 1 hour ,when i put charging means it take 2 hour to complete full charge (100%), compare to discharing time is very fast than charging , i have stuck at many time  , b, i cant use my phone even for emergency purpose at time of travel,Kindly give a solution

[size=12.8000001907349px]Kindly do the needful

[size=12.8000001907349px]if i purchasing a Unbranded mobile, it will be reliable for atleast 1 year ,, but Branded ASUS has too many problem,

[size=12.8000001907349px]i know , it waste my time to send a brief mail . because asus know what happen to the customer , now  i am stopping to recommending any  asus brands to any one,

[size=12.8000001907349px]I am waiting for your valuable reply  & service quality of ASUS phone


Please dont purchase zenfone... if purchase china brand it may be reliable

IND Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by sagar.k161 on 2016/4/8 17:41

Whatever you mentioned is TRUE !!!!!
I Agree with you.
I have also purchased Asus Zenfone 5....This product is really worst...
I have faced all those issues,,Battery issue after lolipop update,screen peelout...and last after day after completing warranty period  screen gone.

Asus is worst brand ever.

Guys If you have bought Asusphone please sell it asap.
and  Never Buy Asus products...
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
This is the Best product you can get before.
But now every phone has 2gb ram and etc in 10k Segment but never the less Zenfone 5 got unofficial Euphoria 2.0 Working on Android marshmallow.
IND Moderator | All posts
1) Battery can wear off after consistent use without calibrating it , hence you are losing charge quickly, this is a physical characteristic, not a fault. Factory reset and follow this post ... &extra=page%3D1, or replace the battery.

2) Display peel off? please do post a picture of the same. Chances are the phone is being used very roughly and the adhesive that holds the screen to the phone has given in.

3) After lollipop update, its suggested that you factory reset it and install all current updates.
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