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Jace PHL Level 2 | All posts
During our recent Pixelmaster Master Class with Nicco Valenzuela, I learned a lot and made a few realizations. I was lucky enough and I made it to the list for the class. Well, I don't usually open my "romotions" tab in my personal email and when I did a few days ago, I immediately noticed the email invitation for the Pixelmaster Class. I invite my 3 other officemates who also uses ASUS Zenfones ( I recommended the Zenfone to them), however, only one accepts.
On the first day of the class, our handsome community specialist Ron explains what is the event all about and introduced us to our incredible Master - Nicco Valenzuela. We were surprised with the giveaways waiting for us on each seat - it includes a PixelMaster Masterclass Notebook and a Yunteng Tripod. We were also served with free food for the entire day - Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner. Nicco gave us an overview of Outdoor Photography and taught us about the basic of photography. He also taught us some composition ideas. After that, we all travel to Simala and had our first Photowalk of the day. Since we arrived late on our schedule, we only had around 20 minutes to capture our best photo. You can really feel the pressure of time. Knowing that our master is an architectural Photography expert, I was trying my very best get a symmetrical shot but unfortunately, I'm not just good enough. As what master Nicco said, I missed creating a linear visual effect for my photo and the symmetry is bad too. (I really love receiving harsh critic.)

The second Photowalk was held in the Temple of Leah and when we arrived the weather was really not on our side. The entire place was covered in Fog and it is raining hard. But as creative aspiring photographers, we improvised and made advantage of the condition. Some even made umbrellas as subject, however, for others, it only became a distraction or what as our master called it "Dangling Modifiers". He liked my composition for my second photo. (I'm crying now).

For the second day, we went to SM City Seaside where we are joined by the Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs and also learned a lot of interesting composition techniques. We had a lot of time for our Photowalk and there I go again trying hard for a symmetrical photo. I am scared to submit my photo below because I know that our master Nicco has high standards in Architectural Photography. So I submitted another which receives a lot of bad critics haha (It is actually a bad photo. I just realized it)


The entry I submitted below:

Though, I didn't win any awards but still, I am so grateful that I learned a lot of things from Nicco. I am eager to practice more on symmetry and was deciding to dedicate myself on minimalist photography (The winner uses minimalism which is very good and it is inspiring.) Again, thanks a lot ASUS Philippines for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to expand our knowledge of photography. I am also grateful for meeting new friends. I will definitely join on the next Pixelmaster Master Class.

THANKS for reading!

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IND Level 1 | All posts
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