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[Other] ASUS 5Z Android Pie Official FOTA | How To Update & More !

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mail2ronit IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Cover Pie 5Z.jpg

ASUS previously claimed that, they'll be delivering the Android Pie update for ASUS 5Z in the end of January 2019. Well, the company has kept their promise as the official FOTA is rolling out today (28th January). I kinda promised you guys that, I'll share details in brief once the official rollout starts. So, this is eveything you need to know about that.
Firmware Details

Firmware Version: ASUS 5Z ZS620KL_WW_90.10.138.175

Release Notes: ( Link )
  • Android P upgrade
  • Update security patch (to December 2018)

How To Get The Update?

If you haven't got an Update Notification already, you need to manually check for it. So, it's actually a very easy process & maybe most of you are even familier with it but, for those who don't,

"Settings" > "System" > "System Updates"


After that, you're phone should automatically check for available updates. If it doesn't, just click on "Check now". Once there is a successful checking, you should get the update. Download it, install it & you're on Pie.

SWP Pie 5Z.jpg

PS Pie 5Z 1.jpg

If you're not getting the update for some reason, wait for some time as the update is rolled out in batches & you should the get the update without any issue.

Immidiately Identified Bugs

1. If the "Developer Options" are enabled, the "Window animation scale" & "Transition animation scale" is set to 2x & cannot be changed (even if you change, it comes back to 2x immidiately after you leave developer settings). This makes the UI slow so, keep the developer settings off to avoid that. This will keep all the animations at 1x so, the UI will operate at a normal speed.

2. If "Auto Brightness" is enabled & you change the brightness with the slider at that state, the device loses it's ability to change the brightness automatically even if you turn off & then again turn on Auto Brightness. Generally a locking & unlocking of the device, fixes the issue.

If you guys are facing other bugs, let me know in the comments section so, I can report them to the official team. Also, let me know your experience with the overall firmware.

Now, I know some of you have questions about Pie for ASUS Max Pro (M2) as well. I have actually enquired the same & will update this area once I have an info on that. Leave a like & let me know if you have any other concerns. Thanks for reading & I'll catch you guys later.

Former Dr.Zen Ronit Roy

Devices: ASUS 6Z , Zenfone Max Pro (M2) ZB630KL , Zenfone 3 ZE520KL , ROG G501VW , Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML , Zenfone 4 A450CG
IND Level 2 | All posts
Is their any bug in the new update of pie ..... ?????????
IND Level 3 | All posts
Last edited by kaizadbedding on 2019/1/28 14:25

App usage(Time limit) feature is not available in my phone
Digital well being is also not available
No dark mode
Only adaptive battery is included
Does this update do not includes this pie feature??
We can only control the media volume by pressing volume key
We have to go in setting to adjust the other volume
Suggestion for further update
No short cut for screen shot is available when we apply new navigation gesture as recent keys is not show in the new navigation gesture
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Last edited by mr.pacific45 on 2019/1/28 14:28

1. Google lens and raw image seems to be missing from pixelmaster camera app

2. seems Decemeber security patch ... no January security patch

@ Asus ,
can u list key features , changes after pie update ??
kaizadbedding posted on 2019/1/28 14:20
App usage(Time limit) feature is not available in my phone
Digital well being is also not available

Yeah true i also saw these things missing and that only media volume change with volume key is irritating....every tym have to go to settings what the hell fine you gave update on tym at the tym you promised but it doesn't mean you won't be giving useful features.....
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Google Lens & RAW image support has been removed from camera in pie update. There's no implementation of features like Digital Well Being, Dark Mode etc. No new features have been added neither have been the long missing features of FM radio recording, Native Video Calling, network speed indicator etc been addressed. Hope the devs take note of this & improvise. Having said this the update is quite stable & optimised.
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vipkulshreshtha18 posted on 2019/1/28 14:39
Google Lens & RAW image support has been removed from camera in pie update. There's no implementatio ...

1)Both Google lens and Raw capture is present in the firmware
2) Digital well being for now is exclusive to Google pixel & Android one devices
3)System wide dark mode not working right..but u can obviously use any dark theme if u want
IND Level 3 | All posts
Hello Dr.Zen..A happy customer of 5z speaking..Just updated to pie and it's just awesome 
.however few minor bugs I want to mention...
1)Sometimes fp does not work for applock..just locking and unlocking the phn solves the prblm
2)Theres no pie style power menu nor the lockdown option in power menu... However in settings lock screen menu lockdown is enabled 
3)In mobile manager app.. security and privacy scanning..Even after clearing traces from.apps danger sign is showing
4)EIS working fine for wide angle camera..But for main camera it's not that smooth
5)In some YouTube videos speaker sound seems to be low..But this is not a problem for local music files..
6)In Asus calling screen gesture navigation isn't working unless the call is accepted or declined..I can't just ignore that
Overall I want to thank Asus devs and you people for bringing the sweetest pie just in time...Just fix these minor bugs and It will further enrich user experience and sweetens our journey with Asus..
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kaizadbedding posted on 2019/1/28 14:20
App usage(Time limit) feature is not available in my phone
Digital well being is also not available

For that volume bar issue I want to mention that it is in design of pie that it controls media volume by default..It's  not Asus fault...however Asus can tweak this and place a switch to expand the volume bar..
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1.we want background to be blurred when we swipe down notification bar! (Was in oreo but missing in pie)
2. Night mode in dev options is not working (bug)
3. With the new popup volume option we can only change media sound but please add other volumes on holding on that media option it should Change to other sound! (Must needed Feature)
4. The media sound is not good like when we had in pro Oreo
5. Need pop up player or pip mode for gallery, YouTube, video players (for better multitasking) 

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