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[Replied] [Power/Battery] Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Battery Draining Issue!

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Sattu3911 posted on 2019/1/16 09:24
So when we are going to expect the bugs free Update?
Also is there any particular date when we are ...

Android P is available and you can download it. Open settings ---> Software update and download it.
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battery drain issue has not been resolved in Android Pie update. Please fix it.
After the latest update Max Pro M2 battery is draning so fast. Done all the things like Factory Resetting, Calibration etc. But still no help. God knows when asus is going to fix this issue. Lots of bugs are there in Max Pro M2 whates Asus mobile wast services
I am facing battery draining problem after pie Update its keeps on draining every one hour 10% when i kept my phone on idel also keep on draining Asus please fix it 
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Battery draining fast in Asus m Pro 2.what to do
USA Level 1 | All posts
It's happening for the last few days...I'm using in battery saver mode but problem persists
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pavankumar1996.7777 posted on 2019/3/10 20:58
Hello Asus 
I got serious issue that my phone shows full charged at 70% and the remaining batte ...

I have same problem.. anyone can help?
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