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ASUS Max Pro M2 Full Review

Read: How to Enable camera2api After Pie on ASUS Max Pro M1

ASUS Max Pro M2 is the latest addition in ASUS’ ASUS lineup, it is not the top-notch device from ASUS like ASUS 5z,  ROG Phone, but powered by a mid-segment Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, ASUS Max Pro M2 is now the hero which doesn’t demand a ton of money and as per the need you can choose from the range of variants. The phone was announced to be available in two colors Blue & Gold, and you can buy it from Flipkart, 3/32GB is available at 12,9999 INR & 4/64GB is available at 14,999 INR. Price of 6/64GB variant is 16,999 INR but is out of stock, so is case max horsepower is what you want then wait for the stocks to be available again.
Moving ahead, there’s a lot to talk about and so much to tell though, in this article, I’ll present ASUS Max Pro M2 Review - #UnbeatablePerformer2dot0, covering all those aspects which should be covered, so without a due let’s get started.

In the Box
Well, I’ve already made an Unboxing Article, in which I’ve Unboxed this glimmery device. So, you can read and check-out the Unboxing Pics shot on ASUS 3.
Just so you know, a clear case, triple hybrid sim ejector tool, paperwork, charging brick - similar to the one that comes with Max Pro M1, USB cable for charging and data transfer are the things that you get with the device.


Design & Build Quality
I’ll start with placements first, well in terms of aesthetics the device is in a whole new avatar. The first time, when I saw ASUS Max Pro M2 I was stunned seeing the glimmery back and the screen with a notch on top - front.
And if you’ve used ASUS 5z ever, the feeling you get when you hold the device is same for Max Pro M2, but with the taste of Stock Android.


The hardware button placement is similar to the old design (of ASUS Max Pro M1), on the right you’ll find Volume rockers and power buttons. The buttons are clicky and you can feel every click, so it’s a good thing, as you can find out the dead clicks which usually is not possible on some other phones.


Triple Hybrid SIM Slot - sits on the left side, with it you can install two different Sim cards of different operators and a Micro SD Card in case if you like to store movies, music files, pictures on your device. ASUS has kept the scale of storage expandability very high, you can use a whopping 2TB memory card with 100GB of free Google Drive space all free for a whole year, in addition.
Earlier only a few smartphone makers were giving the Triple hybrid slot including ASUS, but now other makers are practicing the same.


Jumping to the back of the device, it is the main attraction if you don’t know about any of the other specs. When kept under the light you can create patterns and shoot cool photos. Though the back material was suggested to be something between Glass & Plastic, lately it came out to be plastic, it is good but partially.
Plastic being the primary material chosen for the back is good for reducing the overall weight effectively but the negative side has a couple of points to consider, for example, the back is a fingerprint magnet, sharp objects can easily put scratches, and heat is an enemy. So, using a back becomes mandatory not for the sake of safety from drops only but to keep the back untouched.


Rear camera module accompanied with LED flash and the fingerprint sensor are placed at the back. Both the fingerprint sensor & face-unlock are fast, I had both of these features enabled during the test period.


Bottom of the device is coupled with most of the I/O ports & vents. Max Pro M2 has a dual mic for noise cancellation, and noise free call experience, during a call you can notice a dim bass. For charging the 5V 2A charger is bundled with USB 2.0 support.
Many have asked why Type-C is not given? Well, ease in availability of USB 2.0 cables and chargers are the best reason, and comparatively Type-C products are costly.
For example, the type-c port of my ASUS 3 was not working fine and upon the technician check, it was required to get the charging module changed, see this was the main issue, the whole charging module was changed because it, but I didn’t spend a single penny as my ASUS 3, was covered under warranty.
We always want the latest tech and fast stuff, but it is not the whole picture when you consider a device to buy, you should definitely think about after sales services and cost, which you might have to be in worst case scenarios.

With 5 magnet NXP speaker, the sound that comes is amazing, I can surely recommend this device if you’re a total audiophile. ASUS Max Pro M2 comes with 5-magnet speaker for louder, deeper and less distorted sound quality and NXP SmartAmp technology. The trend of good music experience continues with this next iteration, and like we noticed on Max Pro M1 with the latest OTA, Audio has improved a lot.

ASUS Max Pro M2 weighs 175 grams in total, well it is not the lightest device out there and there are other devices in the market which are lighter than Max Pro M2, but when you hold it, the weight won’t bother you, and logically it is one of those devices which packs a lot of hardware stuff without compromising with measures like weight or form factor.
Here, we can consider the humongous 5,000 mAH battery, the frame, and other components, and in comparison of Max Pro M2, competitors boast a 4,000 mAH battery at max.



It’s 6.2 inch FHD+ IPS Notch 19:9 full view display, 94% NTSC color gamut, 450 nits brightness, 1500:1 contrast ratio, and capacitive touch panel with 10 points multi-touch are the perks. And that’s not it, the display is rocking Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for screen protection.
From all the other display perks, Gorilla Glass 6 makes the phone stand out of the crowd, as it is not common such a spec on a budget end device.

Front Top


For ASUS Max Pro M2, the notch could be framed as one special pointer. It is not a normal notch which you’ll not get on any other smartphone. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers who have adopted the trend of putting the water drop or teardrop notch in practice to give the maximum screen but compromising with the placement of other hardware components, ASUS has given one good notch, which houses a lot of things inside  - Front facing camera, Softlight LED Flash, LED Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Earpiece, and Notification LED.

Front Bottom
Well, as per the latest Oreo 9.1 build available for Max Pro M2, the option to Hide or Unhide the Notch is not given yet, but it is promised that with Android Pie 9.0 a lot of things would be coming straight including the Notch Hide/Unhide option. At front-bottom, the edges are curved but on front-top they are straight.


Starting with ASUS Max Pro M1, navigation is no more capacitive, and ASUS has continued the same for ASUS Max Pro M2. On-screen keys adapt to the in-use app, here too no option or feature is available for on-screen keys customization, and I’m not sure whether it’ll be coming with Pie or not!

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is what powers this mid-ranger, learning from the past years, Qualcomm eliminated the problem of excessive heating which they were with their Snapdragon 615 processor, it is more power efficient and delivers better performance.
I installed a lot of apps which I generally use on a daily basis though, the number of apps doesn’t make any difference if your usage is normal, but if you like to multitask and switch between apps more frequently then sustainability is necessary.

I ran multiple benchmark apps to obtain the number, which includes GeekBench4, AnTuTu, and 3DMark. See, in most of the cases the benchmark score which companies make public to create the hype are usually tampered, and in some of the cases, the claim has been proved.
The logic in mentioning this is that you can easily change the score either by reflect the change in your usage or changing the count of apps you’ve installed.






The humongous 5,000mAH battery is not only capable but gives enough juice so that you don't have to get the charger out of your bag. My usage is mixed, browse web a lot, watch youtube, do social media and play games, so covering all that up, I got 10 hrs+ SOT back-to-back.


Well, I enjoyed playing games on ASUS Max Pro M2, there was literally no frame drop or freeze and none of the game crashed even at once. From all those games which I Played, I recorded gameplay of some, and how well the experience was, I would recommend to check yourself.

Injustice 2

Need for Speed No Limits

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt Xtreme


Bike Unchained 2
Above are the most liked and played games on PlayStore, so it was certainly clear to me that I have to test these, but before actually recording the GamePlays, I asked people to vote for the game they like and Injustice 2 was the winner.
But unlike all the famous or known games, I found Bike Unchained 2 during my quest to find something new, it is an amazing game - my opinion, with the different combination of taps and touches you can control the bike and play the game.
Let me know, did you liked the game too or is it the opposite.

GamePlay Mix
It's a mix of all the GamePlays I recorded, watch the video and tell, how was it?


ASUS Max Pro M2 is rocking a 12MP Sony IMX486 Sensor, F1.8 aperture, 1.25-micrometer pixel size, 6P Lens, 0.03 seconds phase-detection autofocus, Softlight LED Flash and 4K Recording, and 5MP depth sensing as the Rear Camera setup.

For the front, it is a 13MP camera with F2.0 aperture, 1.12-micrometer pixel size, and Softlight LED Flash.
It is an upgrade for sure from Max Pro M1, on M1 there was no Sony Sensor, but camera2api is still not enabled by default and no PixelMaster for a better photography experience. Although, alike Max Pro M1 you can enable camera2api via command prompt, install GCam and start snapping awesome pics.

And before I share pictures shot on ASUS Max Pro M2, let's discuss a little about the Stock app to know how useful it actually is. Auto, Night, Pro, and HDR modes are the options you can swap in between as per the scene, you'll find HDR mode useful and the same applies for Auto Mode.

Like I mentioned it above, the hype was for the introduction of PixelMaster Camera on both Max Pro M1 & Pro M2, but the official approach turned out as bad practise, as they made a mix of both PixelMaster & Snapdragon Camera App, did some makeup and served on the plate, but the reality is that the Camera App on Max Pro M2 is still stock and an illusion!!! Though ASUS has promised many things regarding what is coming with Android Pie!!!


Daylight Snaps

These are HDR Shots, I like that at some extent tap to autofocus let's you create a perfect or nearly perfect blurr scene. The colors are vibrant but sudle too, the pictures hold details which gives room for editing, if needed or you can reflect minor fine-tunes.


The device in this Picture is ASUS Max Pro M2 and is shot using another same smartphone (It is my friends').


Night Shots

For night shots, I didn't go to any special place, I like late night walks and that's when I clicked these night snaps, and this way the approach is more real.

(Except for this one)





Portrait Mode on Max Pro M2 is pretty decent, the edge detection has improved a lot and while you tap to focus, you can set the blurr-slider to exact blurr density which seems fine to you.

Rear Portrait

Front Portrait
Except for the Portrait in front, Images shot using Auto Mode sometimes take a couple of seconds and if you moved your hand, the result will be blurry.

I'll try to add more Max Pro M2 snaps covering Portrait & others too, in this article.

Great Display
Corning Gorilla Glass Protection
Amazing Battery Life
Awesome Music Experience
Premium Design & Feel
Fast Performance

Plastic Back - Prone to scratches
Lack of Display Notch Optimizations
No Portrait Mode for Front Camera

That's it for ASUS Max Pro M2 full Review! I've tried to cover as much as possible and also tried to keep it inside the circle of real use cases. Moving ahead, well it's a good smartphone overall with Premium looks, Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Protection, Awesome Sound, the battery life is good as hell, good performance and the list continues if I only speak of positive perks, but that's not the point, the point is that you should know about the negatives as well, and we all know nothing is perfect, and so is same for Max Pro M2.
I noticed this strange behavior with charging that 2 out of 5 times, the total time taken from 10 to 95% was more than 3 hrs, although there was no effect on battery life. Like I mentioned it above, the back material is not glass its plastic which can get scratches very easily, so if you're someone who likes to keep the device naked, I suggest the opposite.
Software, it's Stock Android Oreo 8.1 which has everything that comes within including ZenMotion from ASUS, but no switch to Hide/Unhide Notch, see it is not something that big, but is imperative for me to mention. Some like Notch and some don't, and if I speak of those who don't like the Notch, there is no authority for them to have control over the same. I also faced some issues with the Proximity sensor while on call, but not sure if the issue still persist, cuz ASUS released an OTA recently.
Now, coming to the end, Should you buy it or not!? Well, the price point of this device is something that would justify half of your decision, as the specs are amazing, the look is amazing but until Android Pie 9.0 arrives you'll have to face Software bugs, the device still lacks Optimizations (check  yourself on the latest OTA if the mentioned issues still persists or not) and the plastic back, using a back case is definitely necessary specifically for this one. So, YES! you'll have to deal with a few things(mentioned above) if you go for ASUS Max Pro M2, it is one stunning bang for your buck in the name of entertainment.

Drop your Questions & Queries regarding Max Pro M2, I'll definitely revert back, and comment also if you have something to share regarding the same.

1. Images used in this article are optimized and locked to a specific resolution though, for original images checkout the link below(Will be available soon).
2. Don't ask me when Android Pie will arrive, the update timeline has already been announced just stick to that, I only write here but I don't have any insight about the same.
3. If you think that ASUS should've given some specific features which are not available as of now in Oreo, drop your ideas in suggestions thread, Not Here!!
4. Only Blue variant is made available in India, I don't know when the other will arrive, I'll discuss this with team.
5. Which device used for Unboxing and Product Image :- ASUS 3 ZE520KL

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IND Level 7 | All posts
Finally, you also reviewed this model. But I am very unlucky !! 😥 

Good review, Bro !!
starktend IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Last edited by starktend on 2019/1/13 21:44
arunkumar84lokesh posted on 2019/1/13 13:31
Okay where is tap to focus on video and front camera on ASUS Max Pro M1 and M2 and max m2 wh ...

Yeah, Tap to focus in front is not available.
Wait for Pie, it may bring something new or maybe not.
For better control, I'll suggest installing GCam.
starktend IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
RC_CREATURE posted on 2019/1/13 13:47
Finally, you also reviewed this model. But I am very unlucky !! 😥 

Yeah, it took a little time, and thanks.
IND Level 1 | All posts
Just don't buy it. Go for note7 pro
starktend IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
akashroy8822 posted on 2019/3/3 23:35
Just don't buy it. Go for note7 pro

Yeah, its a feature packed device, impressive work done by Xiaomi India. But, I believe that you're well aware of its build quality!!!
IND Level 1 | All posts
I am using asus zenfone max pro m2 since 9 months  good phone in the prize and better backup was good also  and good phone to use  but same software problem in the phone  soo please fix the problem in the phone 
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