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[Replied] [Camera] Brightness Fully Increased

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arjunsarju IND Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone 4 Bug Report
ZF Model: ZB630KL
Firmware/APP Version: 8.1.0
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Camera
Screenshot: -
When camera is turned on, screen brightness automatically turns fully bright. This is inappropriate and is too bright while talking photos or videos.
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi Arjunsarju,

Did not face this issue on .179 firmware.

Can you share sample pictures and video for investigation?

You may upload the files on Gdrive or asus web storage. Share us the link.
arjunsarju IND Level 1 | All posts
IND Level 1 | All posts
I too facing this issue, system software updated till date, but no improvement.
Please download activity manager from play store. Search adaptive brightness app. Turn off and on or off.
arjunsarju IND Level 1 | All posts
Why should we download an app for this bug too! That's not the answer, it needs to be fixed. 
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