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[Replied] [System] 64 GB SdCard Corrupted after 1st FOTA Update

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Last edited by thakeray.nikhil on 2019/1/1 20:43

ASUS Max Pro M2 Received its 1st FOTA Update & After Updating the Device My 64GB SdCard Got Corrupted & not only me this issue is faced by many peoples who updated the device to 1st FOTA Update.

The Pop-Up says that SdCard is corrupted & needs to be fixed. After selecting the 'Fix' Option the system formats & fix's the SdCard, but after that the same popup appears again that the sd card is corrupted & needs to be fixed. The same SDcard is not working in the phone after update.

Some people had found the solution to this issue by Converting the 'ext4' partition type of Sdcard to 'fat32' using a partition tool/manager software. But 'Fat32' file system has its limitation. In Fat32 a single file cannot be stored above or written to sdcard(fat32) which is 4GB or above. Even HD Video recordings get limited to 4GB & cannot be saved above 4GB size limit.

Why Asus ? Why is this issue ?
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Latest firmware update was unable read exfat format that used on large capacity sdcard. You can use pc and format it to fat32, but you won't be able to put file larger than 4gb
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That FAT32 formatting is just a temporary fix to get your cards detected for now until Asus releases the Patch to fix the exFAT non-detection issue caused by the last FOTA.

FAT32 obviously is an outdated file system for storage cards especially the higher capacity ones in terms of storage capacity of a single file, transfer speed and reliability.

We all need to reformat the cards to exFAT system once Asus releases the patch to fix it. Till then you may continue using it only by formatting it to the FAT32 file system.
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Guys it just fixed or not i returned 2 of my newly purchased 64gb XC card of stronium 
Or problem still there??
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pkcool90 posted on 2019/1/19 12:28
Guys it just fixed or not i returned 2 of my newly purchased 64gb XC card of stronium 
Or probl ...

Its already fixed after the January FOTA update with build number 15.2016.1812.179-20181227.
Just format 64gb card in other mobile phone then reinsert in ASUS max pro m2. This will work perfectly. 
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Hi Thakeray.nikhil,

Do you face this issue in .186 latest FOTA?

Monitor and Let us know
No, this issue is solved now..
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