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[News] New bug in ASUS Max Pro M2

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sangamraj360 IND Level 1 | All posts
yesterday I have bought a new ASUS Max Pro M2 and the problem is that when I turn on do not disturb mode the icon appears on screen but when I turn off the do not disturb mode that I can't present disappears from my this a issue.
IND Level 1 | All posts
facing same problem. resolve this asus
IND Level 1 | All posts
The screen of my mobile was off now but does not Wake up. NO Call/message appears. I have tried to disconnect SD card sim card but still not working. Please resolve/suggest solutions
Yes Me Too Facing the Same Problem, The Notification Icons On Status Bar Like Bluetooth, Wifi or DND mode Keeps Indicating on Status Bar even after turning off.
IDN Level 1 | All posts
Same with me in Indonesia, another bugs is when we change the wallpaper 1 or 2 times, we can not touch the home screen for wake the widget and other option unless we restart the phone. My solution for close the status bar that still appear is change the wallpaper after we turn off the status bar like dont disturb, bluetooth, etc. So the wallpaper will cover the unwanted status bar. 
IND Level 1 | All posts
Same issue happened to me . Once i put do not disturb option call also coming  i don't understand then why need that option  after that i turned off thats not disappeared from notification and automatically on itself . Everytime i need to restart my mobile and use.. is this good after new mobile bought? Very pethatic 
Today i have found one issue.
 1. Battery saving mode is on and Iam on WhatsApp. All of a sudden notification bar started coming down and going up multiple times without touch. It stopped when i locked the screen and turned on after few seconds.
2. Another issue DND option is visible even after turn off
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