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[ZenHow] [ZenFans Review] A Wider Perspective: Maximizing Zenfone 5's Wide Angle Lens

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The Zenfone 5 is one of the smartphones that offers a dual camera feature wherein each camera functions separately. The beauty of having two different lenses installed is that it's very convenient to choose which to use by just doing it on one tap without purchasing another accessory lenses (unless you want a lens with a specific function). On the case of Zenfone 5, the secondary lens is designed for 120-degree wide angle shots. Its hardware might not appear as impressive as the main rear camera due to its inferior sensor, f2.2 aperture (vs f1.8), and 8 megapixel resolution (vs 12mp), but let this not discourage you because knowing its strengths is the key to maximize your secondary lens on achieving wonderful wide angle captures.

1. Capture landscape shots or photos with emphasis on space/surroundings

Wide angle lens is undoubtedly a perfect combination to nature & landscapes. With a larger scope of view, it emphasizes the vastness of a scenery. This can also be great by adding a man or people as subject.

Wider is better. Main Rear Camera (left) vs Secondary Wide Angle Camera (right)

Group shot using Main Rear Camera (left) and Secondary Wide Angle Camera (right)

Other Photo Samples:

2. To Add More Details

By having a wider field of view, more details and other elements from the surroundings are being included to the shot and also to the overall story of your photo.

With more leaf details, a better story can be can be told or perceived by the viewers as the photo feels more complete as compared to the Main Rear Camera Shot (left photo) which looked like just a cropped version.

I decided to use the wide angle lens here to include the lady who was about to buy some candles to the candle vendor.

I was able to capture more vintas or colorful boats here making the whole shot more visually pleasing

By using the wide angle camera, the man with a white cloth was added to the shot giving it a good layer of elements (Man on white - Man on red - houses or island from afar)

On abstract shots, details matter. With the addition of more curve layers, this abstract photo of a rusted roof became much interesting.

3. Shoot interesting perspectives

Level up your usual bird's eye view, worm's eye view, or shots from other angles with your secondary lens. This yields to some eyecatching photos.

4. Fit Big Things/Structures

Structures or things that are too large to fit on the main rear camera (if you don't want already to move backwards) can be fit and be captured interestingly with the wide angle lens.

5. Which aspect ratio?

When using the wide angle lens, I am only considering two aspect ratios to be used - either 4:3 or 16:9 (can also be 18:9). The 4:3 aspect ratio offers the maximum 8 megapixel resolution, thus, it is best used when you are aiming for a great image quality (especially wide angle night shots). However, sometimes straight lines (mostly vertical lines) appear distorted on the image as shown on the photo below which can be less noticeable on the 16:9 aspect ratio.

But, you can take the distortion effect to an advantage on framing elements

Notice the surrounding leaves of this shot using the 16:9 wide angle lens. On 4:3, the distortion of the leaves gives a wonderful framing to the hands

Some samples of this effect being utilized in framing:

As for the 16:9, aside for its less noticeable distortion, wide angle shots captured on this aspect ratio has a great cinematic effect.


Here are my other shots using Zenfone 5's secondary wide angle lens:

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nice pics man, landscape mode  really great for capturing more panoramic feel.
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