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[More Information Needed] [Power/Battery] Losing performance after last update

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Hello guys,

After updating from 1.8.2018 update to latest one I am facing performance loses. AnTuTu benchmark result with base firmware was about 298 000 points, but after updating I was able to get only about 275 000. This difference is very drastical.

Do you facing the same problem? I returned to the base firmware after this.

PS: Phone setup was the same each time I was running the benchmark (same apps, same conditions, only firmware was different)
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Umm. The current version of the ROG firmware is 15.1630.1811.32 as it was just released.
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Hello seznamdaemoncontrol,

Thank you for your inquiry.
The latest firmware version is WW-15.1630.1811.32,
please update to this version and check if there is any problem.

If there is, please tell me besides from the results of this app,
is there any other problem while using the phone?

Thank you
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I just ran the benchmark with the latest firmware WITHOUT XMODE ENABLED.  

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with XMODE Enabled

soooo close getting that 300000 mark!

ASUS, you should give us a kernel that allows higher OC clock

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