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The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions. - Alfred Lord Tennyson


Last November we were given a chance to rediscover Boracay, a chance to personally see the rejuvenated and reinvigorated island, which for the past years has been the center of tourism in the country. The opportunity has provided me with the prospect to refresh my acquaintance with beach life, which for the past decade has been one of my life styles. It was also a welcome sight as well as i have been in hiatus from shooting places of travel for the past year.


The sights that welcomed us were a breathe of fresh air, the monotonous landscapes in the middle of the day and the exploding colors of near night and early morning. No one prepares any one for travel shooting, the random scenes and sights appears just as your eyes see them. To be able to take in all that is happening, you need to take a step back and compose not only your image but your self as well. This is one of the key points of taking a photograph, to use your mind to see what you want to visually create then recreate it using your tool at hand. A mobile device is a perfect companion in this case - compact, concise and capable.



No let downs for the days on the schedule, no rain nor searing heat can stop the shooters on all teams (the media, the bloggers, the pixel masters and asus peeps alike) to enjoy what Boracay has to offer now. Every single day is a new break, a new prospect to create and tell a visual story. It may be proper and safe to create a shooting plan but beauty waits for no one, even the prepared. As I pointed out in my tips, to master first the rudiments of one's own tool already prepares one to all incoming scenes and circumstance. Its the proverbial "read the manual" principle, know your equipment and master it first scenario.


As the days go by inspiration can go dry and shallow, and from this the true test of the photographer comes in. To find ideas that work, to make things work no matter the cost of doing it. Resourcefulness comes into play, to become adaptable and create smart shooting scenes based on what can be found at hand. Personally i challenged myself on the whole trip to shoot only with what's on my hand, in this case my personal mobile device - the Zenfone 5. It never failed me, no scenes are too complicated to make a visual context. Capability has never been a question for this mobile device.






On all conditions i have felt great pride it what i have made visually. It was also a challenge to take these photos and never look on them while i was shooting. No chimping, as i have told the guys on the short talk. Enjoy the moments first and then make these moments last, preferebly on the days end and even when back to urban life. Travel photography is never about the best shots nor the most technical ones, they are moments frozen in time on a material context. They are documents of life from going to another place different from what's common, and should evoke the sense of adventure first before the awe and recognition. You dont shoot for the likes or follows, you shoot to inspire others to make their own journeys and exploration.




In conclusion, what makes a journey more compelling are the extras that we do along the way. We can spend all our travel days enjoying ourselves and taking in the sights. But what makes the travel complete is the personal interactions we have with the places and people we visit, without pretense or judgement and not even for the camera. A good photographer documents everything he/she sees but a great photographer knows when to stop shooting and just to enjoy what is in front of him/her. There is truth in the film quote that beauty waits for no one, to enjoy the moment without the need to take a visual memory of it.





Moments are there to be cherished and remembered.



UKR Level 1 | All posts
Your photos are beautiful. It seems to me that the merit of the photographer is higher than the merit of a mobile camera. Although I trust your appreciation. Unfortunately, I have the most ordinary job and I can not imagine myself leading a beach lifestyle. The Christmas holidays are already in full swing and I'm still looking for discounted Barbados tickets here - I have long wanted to visit the island but circumstances were against me. Have you been there?
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