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[Other] ASUS Max Pro (M2) : Should You Buy it ? My Honest Opinion !

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When is ZenUi going to support MAX PRO M2. ?
 ZenUi was best for all Asus models
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shirishkotian posted on 2018/12/20 15:03
When is ZenUi going to support MAX PRO M2. ?
 ZenUi was best for all Asus models

There's not any update on the same.
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Actually, ASUS max pro m2 is really worst in term of touch screen quality.. it makes a game like lung run smooth only till 5 minutes then when you hold screen for a while screen completely becomes slow and everything becomes slow even the movement and aiming completely unplayable. I think it happened after the Jan update because I didn't waited and updated it as soon as I purchased it. Please tell me how to fix or this phone is really bad for everyone
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Last edited by NagarjunaB9 on 2019/4/2 11:00

1. Best hardware/build quality (Asus is known to provide best hardware & build quality, at least in pc/laptop segments, for relatively lower prices)
2. Lowest weight for a 5000mah battery
3. SD 660 processor for this price range (most of the rest are still providing SD 636)
4. Corning gorilla glass 6 for this price range (no other phone provides this at this price range)
5. Stock android (or atleast near stock android)

1. Weakest vibration strength ever seen, it is barely noticeable, only useful if you are in pin drop silence environment, they might as well just remove it altogether and save some phone weight.
Had I known this, I would have never bought this phone (seriously, I keep missing a lot of calls). If you are someone who keeps your phone in vibration mode a lot, don't even think about buying this.
2. Software quality appears to be a bit low, a lot of people complaining on this. I for one suffer with the proximity sensor issue(reported by others too) and it hasn't even been fixed yet.
3. Relatively low audio quality (it used to be worse, they fixed it now, but still could be better)
4. [strike]No official bootloader unlock yet, not eversure if Asus will provide one, so you'll just have to live with things like #3[/strike]
(edit: official bootloader unlock is actually available,

Also, why would providing updates take a lot of time (or for that fact why would there be many bugs) if this is on pure stock android?

Conclusion: Would I buy it again or recommend it to others, nope, absolutely not.

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