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Boracay. Ah,Boracay.

My close friends know I am not fond of travelling, but Boracay is one of the few places that would make me pack my things and leave my comfort zone in a heartbeat. I love the beach, although, I haven’t really been to many beaches... and the first time I visited Boracay, I thought, “Well, with this, I don’t need to see other beaches.”

I was simply content with Boracay’s clear water and white, out-of-this-world fine sand. Did you know that its sand stays cool all day? For someone like me who loves lying on the sand (and under the sun) all day long at the beach, sand that stays cool at 12 noon is definitely a winner.

The lasttime I was there before the rehabilitation, it did feel a little... crowded...  with structures. I noticed that hotels and restaurants were getting dangerously too close to the shore. My magical sand smelled differently, probably from all the food that fell from the buffet and dining tables set up on the beach. Boracay’s natural beauty had been covered by artificial ones. And I thought it was just downhill from there.

So, I was extremely excited when I had the chance to see my beloved Boracay after its first phase of rehabilitation. Plus, the fact that I’m going back with the ASUS Zenfone team for the Pixel Perfect Boracay made it doubly fun.

The 3-day stay was short but definitely sweet and I have these five take-aways from that experience:

Break down to be built back up

Some things have to happen. With Boracay, it had to be closed down for a while so that it could be brought back to its glory. Funny, in photography, you can say similar thing. I am a portrait photographer and working with studio lights is my comfort zone. Needless to say, I am not a landscape photographer, so the Boracay trip kind of pushed the panic button in me. I brought a huge tripod that I ended up not using... and then leaving it at the hotel only to wish it later that I had brought it with me. After that photography-related “mental breakdown,” I had to breathe, re-group, and think. Thankfully, my Zenfone 5 makes photographing scenes easy.




This was thetime I needed a tripod when I decided to just leave it at the hotel. Well...time to get down on the floor for some stability in addition to the one thatZenfone 5 already intelligently provides.

Start clean, start right

Boracay is now much cleaner than I remember. That is the perfect way for the entire island to start the tourism industry again. Just like in photography, starting clean is just as important. The lens, especially in smartphones, is one of the often neglected areas. Make sure you wipe your lens clean before shooting. Thankfully, with Zenfone 5’s Corning Gorilla Glass, you should be alright even if you use just your shirt to clean your lens. A smudgy lens contributes to hazy photos.

There’s the rule of thirds... and there’s the rule of Mother Nature


You can break the rule of thirds, but never the rules of Mother Nature.

In the arts, it’s good practice to follow the rules and then eventually deviate from it if it will help you get your message across much more effectively. For instance, the rule of thirds says it’s best to put your horizon on the upper or lower third of your frame. But putting it at the center, which breaks the rule, sometimes helps emphasize symmetry. But with Mother Nature, there’s no breaking her rules. Follow her rules and you should be fine. Break them and there’ll be consequences.

Beauty requires maintenance




Planting mangroves—something I can finally strike off my bucket list. Oh, yeah, I’ve always wanted to plant one.

Mangroves help maintain coasts so I was very excited when we went to a mangrove forest in Boracay to plant new ones. Just as the people of Boracay have started rehabilitating and maintaining their home and source of livelihood, I realized it’s the same with everything else we own. To prepare for the trip, I made sure my Zenfone 5’s system was updated and that I had ample space for all the photos I’d be taking. Show your love by maintain your equipment and it will love you back.

Positivity is contagious but so is negativity. Why not choose being positive?


He’s preparing the boats that will be used for the Boracay activities once the island is fully back on its feet.



Make “Contribute to Boracay’s Cleanliness” your #squadgoals.

Photographs are powerful. The same scene taken from different angles can mean different things. When you have the chance to visit Boracay in the middle of its rehabilitation, there definitely are still roads and establishments under construction. For me, these simply reflect the locals’ ongoing efforts in achieving their goals. But in a photograph, such scenes would be so easy to misinterpret. So I took photos of what’s finished—the goals that have been achieved—with the hopes that these photos will inspire future tourists to do their own share inthe rehabilitation of this island and in maintaining its beauty.


The only bummer for me when I travel is not being with my dogs. I’m always thankful when I see dogs wherever I travel. And of course, extremely thankful for an awesome company.




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