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PixelPerfect Boracay: The essence of exploration

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I have to be honest, I’ve never been a fan what people the Island Paradise of Boracay. It’s not that I don’t think it’s beautiful, but actually, it’s because the crowding of tourists and the widespread modernization of the place distracts you from the beautiful wonder of nature that is Boracay. That’s why when we were told about the PixelPerfect Media junket that would take place a few weeks after the re-opening of the island, for the first time ever, I was excited to see the bare and clean island paradise of before.


As expected, we, the Asus Pixelmasters were equip with our Zenfone 5s out to capture the wonders of the reborn Boracay Island and the people that give it life. We started with a quick workshop where our media friends and partners can learn from all the 7 Pixelmasters present during the trip. Afterwhich, we went off to explore the island.




As a landscape Photographer, I’m more than used to carrying heavy gear to shooting locations. It was refreshing to experience travelling this time around with just a small bag and my trusty Zenfone 5. Photographers tend to over-pack because of the fear of missing out on possible photos with certain pieces of gear but this time, having the Asus Zenfone 5 was more than enough to capture the revitalized beauty of Boracay.




In all my travels I tend to exhaust myself by trying to shoot as much as I can with all that my back can carry. This often leads to satisfying photos but takes away the bare essence of exploring a place which is to walk, to see, meet new people and to learn and experience the history and culture of a place. Having the chance to explore Boracay with just a hand-held device gave me the opportunity to actually experience Boracay for the first time.



To top it all off, I believe that anyone who visits a beautiful place must play a role in keeping it beautiful. Asus Philippines gave us Pixelmasters and the media a chance to do so. The tree-planting activity truly was a nice touch.



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