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Perfect Beach Vacation in Boracay with ASUS Philippines

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I am city traveler, I love to travel to busy cities, I like the crowd, the noise and how fast things move. Though when I travel to the beach, I expect the opposite, I want to avoid the crowd and listen to the waves crashing on the shore and smell the ocean, sadly my previous trips to Boracay wasn't what I wanted out of a beach vacation, it was loud, dirty and crowded.



Now, the rehabilitated Boracay is what my perfect beach vacation is. No loud music, clean pristine beach and a relaxing atmosphere. I really hope for the best for this lovely island, and I hope they can maintain it like this forever.



Of course my recent visit to Boracay wouldn't be possible without our great friends from ASUS Philippines, Thank you George Su, Antoneil Harvey Brazal Factora, Francis Garcia, Leoren Violan, Jb Aquino, Jaira Tuazon, Nielle Mariano, Paula Katrina Dizon and the rest of the team.
To my fellow #PixelMaster Ricky Ladia, Arlene Donaire, Emir Kahn Bautista, Dail Deri, Nicco Valenzuela and Jay Nava Ermitaño it was great bonding with like minds, hoping Jasper Tejano can join us next time.

Cheers to new friends!

This trip wouldn't be complete without these captures from my #Zenfone.






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