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[Resolved] Battery Stops Charging when Full?

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Guest##153783 ARG Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: 5.0 Lollipop
Frequency of Occurrence: N/A
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: Android OS
Screenshot: -
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Hi Everyone, this is my first post, hope it's not my last so we can share info and stuff about our Zenfones

Question here is, when i go to Sleep i leave my Zenfone Chargin, but when i wake up, it's somewhere between 85 and 95% and discharging, even knowing it's plugged.

Does it have a Safety that Stops the Battery charging when it reaches 100%? or is there something wrong with my phone?.

Thx! Best Regards!
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Yes,ZenFones have a cut-off mechanism that prevents overcharge.
But be warned that keeping phone to charge overnight,plugging it in for more than what is required many bring new problems like phone not charging upto 100%,which are difficult to fix.
So,although there is a cut-off mechanism,you should not plug it overnight.It will be harmful for your device in the long run.
Guest##153783 ARG Level 1 | All posts
Thank you!! i will keep this in mind, and will make sure to charge the phone before going to sleep and unplugging it before sleeping
IND Level 2 | All posts
I don't think there's any problem in leaving the phone connected to the charger overnight except for the fact that it will contribute a tiny percentage of your electricity bill. That is unless you are using a cheap, low quality, non-genuine charger.

Manufacturers often recommend disconnecting the charger when it's full not because it is bad for your device but to save energy (green initiative). It consumes only a few mili-watts and it doesn't make much difference when only you keep you unplug you device. But it makes a difference when 1 billion people unplug their device when it's full.
TWN Level 3 | All posts
You shouldn't leave your phone charging the whole night. It takes a toll on your battery for a long time and it might overheat it. However discharging while your still plug in might be a defect. Try getting a phone check up to make sure.
BRA Level 2 | All posts
Asus zenfone 2 pifou a bateria. Estava usando por uns 30 dias e repentinamente nao ligou mais. Só dava duas vibradas e nao ligava mais. Bem... mandar para a China para garantia é fria. A Asus do Brasil nem quiz conversa. Entao antes de jogar fora, desmontei e encontrei o problema.... vai acontecer muitas vezes com muitos aparelhos infelizmente.
ITA Beta Tester | All posts
I always left all my phones plugged overnight and never had a single problem due to it. Beside it's obvious natural decay over the years. Considering that's this is a Li-Poly kind of battery and it's life span is less than the half than the Li-Ion ones, i will expect a faster natural decay. (Wich means the 80% of its capacity in 500 charging cycles).
USA Level 2 | All posts
I have this problem too. I woke up today with the phone at 28%-- not a good way to start the day just because I plugged it in at night. If other people aren't having this problem, please tell me what to do. I'm pretty sure all the Asus software is updated...
USA Level 2 | All posts
Oh I see there's a new firmware even though I checked for a new one just 4 days ago. I'll see if that works...
PHL Level 4 | All posts
better not leave your phone chargng too much.. in my case i always set an alarm for me to dsconnect my charger. i always check my battery %  when ever i am chargng you can see it clearly on your lockscreen..
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