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[More Information Needed] [App] Dialler can't set SIP as default

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pducharme CAN Beta Tester | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
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I have a Z551 that I like.  I Only have a data plan, with no voice plan.  I have a Voip account and I would like to set the voip (sip) as DEFAULT for all incoming and outgoing call.  The issue is that even If I choose "Use that by default" if I do a manual call, when I choose a contact and try to call, it will try on the Voice Line on the SIM1 instead of SIP!
TWN Moderator | All posts
HI pducharme ~

what voip account your are using?

Do you mind providing your account for testing?
pducharme CAN Beta Tester | All posts
Im using one from The calls are working but I want the dialer to use the sip account automatically for each calls. If I compose on dialer and hit call, sometimes it Display the choose window sometimes it defaults to sim1
pducharme CAN Beta Tester | All posts
I discovered that If I click on a number in the Contacts, it will try calling using SIM1, but If I go to call history and click on the SAME number, I'm getting the screen to select my SIP account OR SIM1.  If I pick SIP account and check "Always use that", it doesn't retain choise!
ITA Level 1 | All posts
I have same problem with my ZE500CL WW_12.16.5.78_20150714.
Having "use internet as default", might ask you the choice (sip/sim) while internet connection is active
ITA Level 1 | All posts
sorry for my previous post, it's totally wrong.
Option "for all call" works fine: it ask the choice correctly.
Option "for internet call" doesn't work. It ever uses sim, it don't show any choice
ITA Beta Tester | All posts
Could you check if you previously choose "always" on sim1 for internet calls?
Go to settings > applications > telecom service
and even telephony service
and click on "cancel default" (the voice right under "clear cache")
ITA Level 1 | All posts
I tried to set the telecom and telephony services but cannot because the button CANCEL DEFAULT is disabled.
Not only, from today i cannot use sip calling because il doesn't show the choice SIP/SIM at all. The calling crashes, then it's not possiple to call at all because it says NETWORK IS BUSY....
Only a mobile reboot restores the calling
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