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[Replied] [Sound] ASUS ROG ZS600KL - Connection/talking ISSUES

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Tzunny OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by Tzunny on 2018/11/16 03:18


I purchased ASUS ROG ZS600KL (ASUS_Z01QD) few days ago & already sent it back and got it replaced with another one. The first one that was replaced & the 2nd one that i have atm both have issues with sound during voice calls.
Is not a problem about carrier signal because is working perfect if using headsets with cable or bluetooth.
The problem - i think/guess/suppose - is with the microphone and/or noise cancelling or maybe something else is involved here but that's my assumption.

I use ASUS phones for 4 years now, in the last 2 years+ i used the ZS570KL model and had no such issues, is working perfect now to even if had some software issues in the start with that (i have a discussion opppened here on forum on his model page). But didn't had talking, connection issues... a phone it's used first of all at having conversations with it and that should be flawless, especially at a $900+ phone so this is completly unacceptable ASUS!

I will go and get me replaced the 2nd rog phone in the next days and i will get the 3rd one and i hope that is working perfect like it should be a new product when you buy it. I hope that not your entire European batch is having this problem. I really want this phone and i will return it on DOA everyday until will get a functional one! I waste my time & nervs on my money doing experiments, tests on your phones because you wasn't capable to test it like it should. I don't know if this is a hw or sw issue, but since is working with headsets and not while holding it at ear with hand this is a major problem.

Ok, now to talk about the behavior of the problem: during the conversation there are moments (happened at start of call, 30sec after the call connected, 5min later, is happening random) when the person i'm talking with can't hear me anymore and istead is hearing total silence and other times weird noises plus intrerupted, robotic-like distorted voice of me. Myself, i can hear the person i'm talking with, i CAN hear when is asking multiple times if i'm still there on the line and i reply YES, I'M HERE but i'm not heard... SO, this is a big big problem at a 900$+ phone.

I decided to open this thread and mention the problem here as well.
I found other issues to, buggs in the os, lacking functionalities, some of them mentioned here already by other customers & on xda forum. The Android version is 8.1.0, is missing the option to adjust icons size e.g., the search function from the Settings is not working 100% (some settings can't be found unless you look into big categories like Display, Security, but if you search for a sub-category doesn't show it). Another issue is with the navigation bar, which wont stay permanent on screen if i want it there while in applications even if the space that is used by the bar is covered in dark and not by the application itself - the navigation bar is dissapearing and can't pin it to stay active all the time when i use an service app or a game (and yes i selected in settings that all apps to be shown in full screen)... also can't change it's "buttons" functions style, look (But I do appreciate that we can swap them).

This is it for now, i will update the post and comment below with update on the problems and solutions.

Best regards,

USA Level 1 | All posts
If this is a speaker phone issue, it may be fixed in latest firmware.
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hello Tzunny,

Good day!
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you already contacted your local support for a replacement?
If after that, there are any further problems or calling issues, feel free to contact us.

(1) For icon size, you can check Settings > Display > Display size, and adjust the display here.
(2) For the searching function not working, could you tell us when searching what settings cannot be found?
(3) For navigation bar in gaming apps, I have passed this on to the tech team to check.
(4) For the navigation bar's buttons, thank you for your suggestion!
If you would like to give us suggestions, you can share your ideas in the Idea For Next section, the ideas there will be highly considered in our phone design!

Thank you for your support for our products!
I'll follow you up once I get any updates on your questions.
Thank you and have a nice day!
USA Level 2 | All posts
The ROG phone I have in the U.S. does not have this issue. So, it is possible some bad batches of ROG phones are out and about. Glad I got a good one.Lol.
Tzunny OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
slblue10 posted on 2018/11/16 17:20
The ROG phone I have in the U.S. does not have this issue. So, it is possible some bad batches of RO ...

Lucky you, i'm about to replace the 2nd one with a 3rd rog in 5days, if that as well have this issue is clearly that a batch is out there with serious doa problems. If that is the case i will think serious to get my money back and buy a Pocophone... 70% cheaper but at least i can talk at it, if Asus can't fix this with an update asap! I don't want to be your guinea pig to test every phone out there until i'm lucky enough to get a working one so yeah.
Tzunny OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
Jei_ASUS posted on 2018/11/16 13:51
Hello Tzunny,

Good day!

Hi! About to get the 3rd replacement today, do you want me to post the picture with SN of the ones which have the issue? Of course i talked with ASUS, they are aware of this problem, it happened during the conversation with them as well. This is a horror situation & unacceptable...
USA Level 2 | All posts
Tzunny posted on 2018/11/16 06:11
Lucky you, i'm about to replace the 2nd one with a 3rd rog in 5days, if that as well have this iss ...

Only luck I had is with the ROG phone. I had a Google Pixel 3 that gave me a serious headache with all the problem it had needless to say I returned that P.o.S.
Tzunny OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by Tzunny on 2018/11/18 04:24

I've got the 3rd phone, sadly this one is have the same issue... as expected.

Also, I've tested multiple carriers (purchased new sim cards) and the problem is still happening.
It doesn't do this problem while using the bluetooth headset, wired headset or if i talk at the phone using the speaker.
The problem is happening when talking at the phone holding it in hand at ear.
SO, i would blame the noise cancelling for this BUT since there is no option to disable it atm i can't blame it 100%.

Need the noise cancelling option to exist until this problem is fixed and ASUS figures what is going on.

IF, will still happen with noise canceling disabled then will see what else could be wrong, maybe your algorithms are wrong on this batch, maybe this batch (or more) had some hardware, mechanical issues during the production proccess... i don't know and is not me who should figure this out and fast. It's Asus who should do it, i paid a shitload of money for this phone and i can't use it as a PHONE.

Please deliver the update with the option to can disable the noise cancelling for now !
Tzunny OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by Tzunny on 2018/11/19 23:54

How many days i have to wait for a sollution?
At the end of week if ASUS does not deliver a solution i will get my money back if can't figure how to solve this and continue selling broken 900$+ phones!
TWN Moderator | All posts
Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2018/11/21 10:48
Tzunny posted on 2018/11/19 23:53
How many days i have to wait for a sollution?
At the end of week if ASUS does not deliver a solutio ...

Hello Tzunny,

For navigation bar unable to pin in gaming apps problem,
the team in charged has confirmed that this is an expected design.
Sorry if there is any inconvenience.

For your calling problem, sorry to keep you waiting.
Could you tell us your carrier?
And in what locations this happens?
Also, I have PMed you. Please check it out!

Thank you!

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