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sozaii900 MYS Awaiting verification | All posts
ZenFone 3 Bug Report
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when ze520kl get android pie 9.0 updates
USA Level 5 | All posts
ASUS will NEVER release Pie for ZF3.

You'll have to unlock your bootloader and install one of the custom ROMs available. I've posted at least 3 of them here. Start with LOS or ArrowOS.
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Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2018/11/12 17:33

Hello sozaii900,

We greatly appreciate your interest in this.

To preserve system performance and stability of ZE520KL,
unfortunately, we have no plan for further upgrading systems to Android 9.0, except for major security updates.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your consideration will be very much appreciated.
Thank you for your continued support and patronage.
IRN Level 3 | All posts
Plan to upgrade ZE520KL most systems to Android 9.0 ...... Asus phones always have high software support.
PHL Level 4 | All posts
ZE520KL has reached its 2 years software support as a result Asus will stop its major OS update for this model
PHL Level 4 | All posts
ASUS will now focus their development on new phones they are selling as there is financial reward for them to keep supporting their old phones (greater than 2years old phone). They do not mind those who will switch brand because of poor experience.
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