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Life is so advanced and demanding that sometimes inconveniences come along the way. That's when smartphones were built to ease up daily ordeals or activities it can handle. With just one touch or voice away to the phone, it can handle tasks in an instant. However, it can be tedious at times especially knowing that the one task is equal to one tap or voice, resulting to the objective of the user unfinished.

But what if the smartphone does the work for you automatically, handling not just one task but in numerous numbers with or without touching the phone? With this in mind, ASUS has introduced a brand-new system to their ZenFone 5 and 5Z: the AI or Artificial Intelligence. In this article, the AI system of ZenFone 5 and 5Z will be introduced plus on how to take advantage of each feature.

ZenFone is a known camera-centric phone with the finest hardware and its PixelMaster software. From the past, it has the best and latest sensors and a software that boasts a lot of features any user can enjoy. ASUS consistently remains true to their objective on giving the best camera features, and their latest lineup redefines its PixelMaster software with AI Photo Learning.

The AI Photo Learning system uses cloud-based data analytics to enhance photos during and after capturing with the help of AI Scene Detection. The AI Scene Detecion analyzes the subject then automatically adjust color reproduction, contrast and dynamic range during and after capturing. However, it will only be activated on the rear camera's Auto mode and on 16 subjects and sceneries.


With the 16 subjects and sceneries in mind, simply focus on the subject and the AI Scene Detection will do the work for you such as adjusting the colors, contrast and dynamic range. A symbol of one of the 16 subjects or scenes will be displayed below the flash toggle. This notifies that the AI Scene Detection is activated. You can opt out to Manual mode if you don't need the AI Scene Detection and you want your photos to be produced by your own terms.

Gallery AI System Albums
The AI system in the Gallery helps you organize photos by collecting all AI scenes produced by the camera, as well as gathering the same faces (even blurred) it can recognize, panorama and photos with labeled locations, then groups them on their respected people or scenes albums.

44817964_324017341716355_9069303008667369472_n.jpg 44876434_574714792988129_5926378415425847296_n.jpg

The AI simply does all the work automatically on creating the system albums mentioned. You can label each People album to your liking. Tap and hold down a person's album and select the top-right icon.

43658084_2258047901138997_7979867082110009344_n.jpg 43732127_1067264066787772_3712948542482939904_n.jpg 44800071_2118179411560700_4796088626804948992_n.jpg

If you think one or two people albums are the same, you can merge them by simply tap and holding them down, then tap the top-right icon and a prompt will appear.

43379702_905942212938615_4242005444387667968_n.jpg 44830445_270977366886264_3980049487719563264_n.jpg
You may also group them into one place then rename them as one group. Tap the + symbol and select many people albums then tap check icon. On the group screen, tap the top-right dots to rename, sort or even create a slideshow. You can still add more people in the same group by tapping the pencil icon.

44887745_604036116677798_4365672018289360896_n.jpg 43677289_488336861649757_5634129277029974016_n.jpg
Even the most unsuspecting person like an anime character will be placed on people, or photo misplaced in a wrong scene group. Fortunately, it can be removed without deleting the source photo by tapping and holding them down, tap the top-right dots and select Not this person or scene.

The system can be disabled (but not delete what the AI has previously detected and the photos) and hide the system albums. This is only possible after a Play Store Gallery update. After updating, Go to its Settings and toggle Hide system albums.

AI Photo Learning
From the Gallery's Moments section, AI Photo Learning lets you teach the AI how your photos will and should look, then automatically adjusts camera settings for future shots and edits.

Launch Gallery app and select Moments, and some select pictures will appear. Tap and hold to preview AI Photo Learning effect and tap Yes if you're satisfied from the result.

44542900_346845772548176_2043549549720502272_n.jpg 44797823_2112087422342052_3812365172685668352_n.jpg 43629448_769482456735179_8159821796586029056_n.jpg

AI Boost
This AI feature allocates the device resources to optimize system performance.

Simply swipe down the notification bar and tap the AI Boost icon and it will do the work of saving RAM by exterminating apps you don't use to avoid lags. This consumes a bit more battery power than it was disabled however.

44772629_481770008978356_7763453317971181568_n - Copy.jpg
AI Ringtone
Enabling Do Not Disturb or Vibrate modes to disable ringtones can be a tedious ordeal that we often forget. This AI feature automatically detects the environment's noise levels then rings the phone in its best volume settings.

Go to Settings > Advanced > AI features > tap the AI Ringtone toggle and the AI will do its job. Your phone's ringtone volume is decreased if it's on a quiet environment, while a loud environment brings the phone to its maximum ringtone volume.

44800103_554322075011809_3199425880157847552_n - Copy.jpg
This feature takes advantage of the processor and Android OS to its fullest making apps launch faster. It automatically keeps apps you frequently use or will use soon in memory as long as possible to prevent a longer waiting time to reload the apps the next time when you want to use them. The bigger the memory is, the more apps it can keep. This is useful to the apps you often use or consume a large amount of RAM.

Go to Settings > Advanced > AI features > tap OptiFlex toggle and the phone is set. Tapping the keywords OptiFlex lets you browse apps you can toggle and use OptiFlex with.

Suggest apps
Often carried away by the number of apps you often use? The Launcher will help you arrange the apps you need!

Once activated via Settings > AI features > Suggest apps, the Launcher will automatically and continuously detect the apps you often use and arrange them on the bottom of the All Apps screen. The most used app goes to the farthest left.
44838487_2129886607263342_8021529467472052224_n.jpg 43661839_186858048905182_7278366186708926464_n.jpg
AI Charging
Combining with safety charging protection from the quality hardware of the phone, the AI software detects past charging habits the helps on adjusting charging rates while not affecting battery usage time every charge, protecting the battery's power and overall lifespan. It also reduces the time that the battery kept being charged at its full capacity but not in used.

Battery Care can extend the battery lifespan. In Battery care, the battery status is represented by three levels (Good, Fair, and Needs attention) and it helps you understand whether your recent charging habit has impacted the lifespan of the battery. If the graph reaches Need attention level, choose one of charging modes below the graph.

44788998_276765172954973_6068041464938496_n.jpg 44628877_1284493628360033_9076474710698491904_n.jpg

This can be activated via Mobile Manager app's Power Master > battery care or via Settings > AI features once it starts charging above 80%. The graph shows your quarterly charging times and is possible to be changed depending on the user's charging habits. You'll most likely get yellow or red results if you often charge the phone below 15% or use the phone while charging.

If you are concerned of overcharging, scheduled charging is the right feature for you. This doesn't let the phone have its full charge depending on the alloted schedule. Tap the scheduled charging to set the time, and tap its dot to activate.

Smart Screen
Even the screen will sleep even when you're reading or watching whenever. That's when the Smart screen comes in handy, extending screen time when you're looking at the screen.

Go to Settings > Advanced > AI features > Smart screen then tap the toggle to activate and enjoy looking at the screen uninterrupted.


Auto-color Temperature
With ZenFone 5 and 5Z's Super IPS+ FHD screen, DCI-P3 support hardware and AI technology, photos and videos give life by adjusting its color and temperature by having its automatic sensors detect the environment's amnient light and color levels.

Both auto-temperature and optimization can be activated on Settings > Display > Splendid. Warm color get their temperature decreased while the opposite happens to cool colors. Screen color optimization automatically adjusts contrast and colors of photos and videos.

Part of the ZenFone experience includes system apps and their unique features creating its own ZenUI. Over time, ASUS also consistently adds newer features mostly for convenience matters. Infusing with the AI system, the ZenFone's system apps can be taken advantage at its fullest. All the AI features in ZenFone 5 and 5Z proves not only has the best hardware and software, but the ZenFone is a pioneer of innovation to fit in any kind of lifestyle.

Nice and informative share!
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This is really helpful for a lot of ZF5 users who have questions with its AI features. Thank you for this!
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