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[New Question] Kamera gelap saat menggunakan aplikasi whatsap dan instagram

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ASUS 5 Bug Report
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Saya menggunakan kamera depan untuk panggilan video kenapa gelap sekali padahal pencahaian terang. Kamera normalnya sudah bagus. Tetapi jika menggunakan kamera depan aplikasi menjadi sangat gelap. Mohon bantuannya untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini
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I use the front camera for video calls why is it so dark when the lighting is bright. The camera is normally good. But if using the front camera the application becomes very dark. Please help to solve this problem

This is my main concern since version .19 it is the August 8 update and there has been several follow up updates yet still this issue hasn't fixed.

There are many complaints regarding the 3rd party camera app being too dark in a low light environment yet no words from Asus.
I've rolled back and downgraded to the September firmware since this is the last update before Asus messed up the camera. And I can prove that it's not being caused by the 3rd party app developers. 
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