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Hello! I am a freelance Web Developer, and ZenFone 5z is my smartphone of choice. I've been using it for three months and a half now. Here's a quick rundown of the top features I love about my smartphone.

ZenFone 5z is a great help with my freelance web development career.

ZenFone 5z is a great help with my freelance web development career.

1. Performance + Gaming

CPU: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845
GPU: Qualcomm® Adreno™ 630

ZenFone 5z is perfect for my career and my lifestyle. It can handle flawlessly anything I throw at it. Even if I use it as a hotspot for my data connection to my laptop, it still keeps its snappiness. Super, super responsive, just as I need.

When it comes to gaming, oh boy, ZenFone 5z is indeed a powerhouse. Highest settings for PUBG (HDR Ultra), but still no lag nor hiccups. No wonder I frequently have chicken dinners. (Did you know that the first time I played PUBG with my ZenFone 5z, I got a chicken dinner? I just learned PUBG when I have my ZenFone 5z.)

Chicken dinners!

Chicken dinners!

Check out its rating in a benchmark.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark

2. Camera

Main Rear: Sony IMX363 12MP + 16 AI Scene Detection + Pro Camera Mode (RAW file support / up to 32 seconds long exposure)
Secondary Rear: 120° wide-angle camera
Video Recording: 4K 3840 x 2160 (60 fps) + Slow Mo FHD 1920 x 1080 (240 fps)

To be honest, because of its camera, my passion for mobile photography went back. I can focus on the composition, instead of editing and adding filters. All thanks to its AI Scene Detection. I like this. Just a click and wallah, you have a beautiful photo. And when I need more control, the camera's Pro Mode intuitively allow me to perform DSLR-like actions. No wonder, it got a 90 DxoMark.

Using ZenFone 5z in the prenup of our churchmate.

Using ZenFone 5z in the prenup of our churchmate.

3. Screen

6.2-inch Full HD+ (2246 by 1080) Super IPS+ display
90% screen-to-body ratio
96% NTSC color gamut, supports DCI-P3
Bluelight filter for eye care

Transitioning from ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5z's screen is indeed an attractive feature. Its screen-to-body ratio is big, but it is housed in a 5.2 body. It's handy when reading articles, watching movies, and even editing pictures. Colors are popping. And I can also schedule my Bluelight filter at nighttime.

I like it's large, color-popping screen.

I like it's large, color-popping screen.

4. Fast data transfer and big storage

Internal Storage: UFS2.1 128GB

Wow! I miss the times when I need to transfer my files to my laptop every month to free up my space. ZenFone 5z has bigger internal storage than I usually have with my previous smartphones. And whenever I need to transfer files, I don't worry because data transfer is high-speed, I finish copying gigabytes of data in just a few seconds.

5. Slim, lightweight, full-glass, aluminum body.

Right now, I have my RhinoShield SolitSuit (Carbon Fiber finish), and also front and back screen protector, but I cannot deny that I keep on taking the case off, to caress it's super slim glass body. I just put the case back because I am clumsy where I accidentally drop my smartphone at a very high altitude.

6. Battery. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

3300mAh with fast charging
9V 2A 18W power adapter

It's impressive that despite its powerful processor and big screen, I still manage to get more or less a half-day battery juice. And whenever I need to charge it, in just half an hour to an hour, my battery is all back to full. And every travel, I always with me my ZenPower 10050 (with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0). I'm always at ease because a single charge of my smartphone lasts for half a day or so. And my powerbank can charge my smartphone up to 3 times (when fully charged).

7. Sounds. Hi-def ZenEar Pro.

Dual speakers, 5-magnet speakers with dual NXP Smart amp
Digital Theater System (DTS) Headphone:X™ 7.1 virtual surround sound
AudioWizard with listening profile

ZenFone 5z is wonderfully loud. Even my friends and family get to notice it, especially when I'm watching a movie, or playing my Spotify playlists. And my favorite is how I can customize my listening profile to optimize various spectrums to fit my unique listening experience. It's a whole new world of listening experience (try it if you haven't created your listening profile). The packaged ZenEar Pro is also super crisp and clear.

Listening to Spotify with my customized listening profile.

Listening to Spotify with my customized listening profile.


I am not regretting in investing in a ZenFone 5z. It's the perfect smartphone for my demanding career and lifestyle as a freelance web developer. Skype calls with my boss, StackOverflow researches, JIRA kanban boards, deploying and testing to labs and production, almost everything (except coding haha). And I can say, it's the best bang-for-buck smartphone for less than P30K, but its performance and aesthetics is more of a P50K. Indeed, it's hard to beat this beauty-and-beast smartphone, and I'm confident that it's going to stay as my primary smartphone for the years to come.

ZenFone 5z is a great help with my freelance web development career.

ZenFone 5z is a great help with my freelance web development career.

Current: ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL
Former: ZenFone 5 ZE620KL, ZenFone 4 ZE554KL, ZenFone 3 Zoom ZE553KL, ZenFone 2 ZE551ML, ZenFone 5 Lite (2014)
IG: @intothephotosheart
Twitter: @lynnellneri
PHL Dr.Zen | All posts
Nice share Dr. Zen Lynnell 
gjmsds112510 posted on 2018/10/22 22:57
Nice share Dr. Zen Lynnell 

Thank you for the appreciation Dr. Zen Lovejoy.
PHL Moderator | All posts
This very insightful Lynnell! Wish I can have a ZenFone 5Z too haha!
helloron2017 posted on 2018/10/24 10:27
This very insightful Lynnell! Wish I can have a ZenFone 5Z too haha!

Hehe. Thank you for the appreciation. And yes, please have one.
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