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[Static image] (AZP2018) The Energy Man

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rsromit1 IND Level 7 | All posts
(AZP2018) The Energy Man

This is one of my favorite clicks, it was the morning time and the man has opened his small food shop on time, he also offers the food for pigeons to feed them up and give them energy, that's why I called him energy man. I was passing from there and it was just like he's giving me a perfect pose to click this shot.

Camera App - PixelMaster

Smartphone - Zenfone 3 Laser ZC551KL

Editing App used - Lightroom

Romit Sharma (Former Dr. Zen)
rsromit1 IND Level 7 | All posts
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UKR Level 1 | All posts
A beautiful photo and the usual story for Singapore, for example)) Local merchants take out counters in front of their store and it is very similar to an oriental bazaar. However, most of them have long been combining their identities with the latest technologies and use the online accounting website to manage their finances. And really. It has become so simple now. It is enough to conclude a contract for financial affairs.
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