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[Unbox] Who is the winner? ZenBook S vs. ZenBook Flip

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1. Foreword & Introduction
After the ZenFone 5 evaluation activity ended last time, I was wondering whether I would get the chance to compare my lightweight notebook ZenBook Flip at home with other ASUS notebooks. Soon after, there was the ZenBook S & ZenBook Pro 15 evaluation activity on ZenTalk. So I enrolled immediately as soon as I saw it!

I am very honored to have the chance to evaluate ASUS products again; not only can I learn more about it, I can also use this opportunity to improve my writing while writing up the evaluation article. To evaluate the ZenBook S this time, I compared it with the ZenBook Flip that I have at home. They are both lightweight notebooks that stress their strong battery endurance, but ZenBook S was even better than its predecessors. It was officially announced to have a long battery life of 13.5 hours with its 4 batteries totaling 50Whr. In addition, the weight of the notebook is only 1kg; this fully reflected the unique ultimate craftsmanship of ASUS.

▲However, the ZenBook Flip is not bad itself. It has a battery durability of up to 12 hours, it only weights 1.3kg, and its 3 batteries have a total of 54Whr. It also has the unique feature of a 360° rotating screen. When it is rotated to 180° (flat), it will switch to tablet mode, and the keyboard will be lock automatically to prevent you from accidently typing. Its screen supports a maximum of 10-point touch control, and it is the best choice for reporting in meetings. It is strongly recommended for businesspersons and college students (good for word processing).

▲Congratulations to ZenBook S for winning the “Best Choice of the Year”, “Golden Award” and “d & i Awards” awards at 2018 COMPUTEX, thus becoming the center of attention.

2. Appearance & Accessories
Hello! I am Chih-chuan. My evaluation is not the most professional, but it is easy to understand. First let me introduce the accessories of the ZenBook S↓

▲An ASUS Mini Dock is included. Since there are only 3 Type-C ports on the notebook itself, the docking station that’s included became a great help when we needed to connect an external USB Type-A and HDMI. The ocean blue of the packaging is very beautiful. Its opening method is reminiscent of ErgoLift bearing. Although it is very detailed, yet it is still full of innovation and ingenuity.▼

▲Synthetic leather is used for the outer layer of the exclusive protective case along with metallic hairline architectures. It has a flagship business feeling. Soft fur material is used for the inner layer to store the notebook, and it also includes a small storage bag (the red-framed part) that can be used to store the docking station or wireless mouse; it is a very thoughtful design. A magnetic lock is used for the cover of the protective case.

▲The charger of ZenBook S has a Type-C connector just as the same as the smartphone; it is very special. ZenBook Flip has the standard 3.5mm connector.

▲Although they both have 13.3-inch screens, but with the 5.9mm ultra-narrow frames and 85% screen ratio, the size of the body was instantly reduced!

▲Located behind the ErgoLift bearing (can be seen when covered); it shows that it is a member of the big ZenBook family.

▲ZenBook S is equipped with an ErgoLift bearing. When the notebook is opened, the uniquely designed bearing will hold the notebook up with approximately 5-5.5 degrees space. This small design has great benefits, including these three main benefits↓
1. Improved cooling
2. Provides optimal angle for typing
3. The space works like a box for the speakers. It allows speakers to have stronger bass so that the audio effects surpass those of similar-class products as well as your expectations. Quoting the slogan of the domestic car manufacturer LUXGEN: “Think Ahead”

▲Ingeniously detailed design; there are rubber pads attached on both the left and right sides of the ErgoLift bearing. When the notebook is opened under normal conditions, the rubber pads prevent the body from getting scratched.

▲The thin ZenBook S with the beautiful ErgoLift bearing forms a perfect L-shaped curve from the industrial design point of view; its side is as beautiful as a model walking the runway at a fashion show.

▲ZenBook Flip uses precision multi-gear metal bearings that are able to withstand over 20,000 flips. Assuming it is flipped 10 times a day, it can be used for at least 2,000 days, which is approximately 5 and a half years.

▲Let me show you the unique feature of ZenBook Flip, 180° and 270° rotation!  (360° maximum)
  It is very suitable for companies to introduce products to customers, group discussions, and for watching dramas or movies.

▲The front of both notebooks included the Zen concentric circle design of ASUS; ZenBook S and ZenBook Flip both look great, but the ocean blue of ZenBook S gives it an additional level of deep mystery.
These two notebooks are great whether for work or school. ZenBook Flip is recommended if you’re only using it for word processing, and ZenBook S not only can be used for word processing, it can also be used in scenarios with higher hardware demands, such as gaming and program simulation etc. In addition, ZenBook Flip also comes in an ultimate version “ZenBook Flip S”. The processor is upgraded from Intel m3 1.51GHz to i7-7500U 2.7GHz, and the body weight is reduced to 1.1kg. It also uses an all new cooling design, the screen can also be flipped, and a new sunken ErgoLift bearing with two-stage rotation mechanisms is also used.

▲The ocean blue keyboard of ZenBook S is embellished with a three-stage adjustable backlight. When the notebook is left unused for a period of time, the backlight will automatically turn off. The backlight is at maximum brightness in the photo above. A fingerprint identifier is integrated into the touch panel next to the keyboard. Not only does it allow you to enter the main screen quicker, it also makes it more difficult to steal important data. This is something that the ZenBook Flip does not have.

3. Specifications & Features

▲ZenBook Flip UX360CA Specifications

▲ZenBook S UX391UA Specifications

▲ZenBook Flip UX360CA Comprehensive Benchmark

▲ZenBook S UX391UA Comprehensive Benchmark
The free benchmark software NovaBench was used this time. It can test the scores of the computer’s CPU, GPU, cache and hard drive, and compare it with the computers of other users online in order to determine the standard of our own computers. Since both notebooks stressed their lightweight and durability, therefore besides Intel’s own graphics card, neither of them is equipped with independent graphics card (NVIDIA). The poorer GPU performance is the main weakness of these types of notebooks. However, different people prefer different things; there are different types of consumers that love different types of notebooks. I will explain how to improve on this below.

▲ZenBook S has built-in cooling fans; its configuration interface works opposite to common logic.. When Quiet Fan is enabled, the rotation speed of the fan is decreased and the CPU performance will also be decreased; otherwise, they will both be increased at the same time.

▲Hidden vents of ZenBook S  

▲Connection ports to the right of the ZenBook S body: there is a 3.5mm headphone jack integrated into the ErgoLift bearing, two USB Type-C that supports Intel Thunderbolt™ 3, which is 8 times faster than USB 3.0, it also supports two 4K UHD 60Hz monitors and the notebook can be quickly charged. This is currently the most advanced notebook on the market with the highest efficiency; it is also the most flexible single-expansion connection solution with functions that will define its generation.
If the connected device supports the Thunderbolt™ 3 technology, and it can provide unprecedented ultra-fast 40 Gbps transmission speed. The USB Type-C port to the right of the body can also be used to connect external graphics card (eGFX) equipped with Thunderbolt™ 3 technology to allow the performance of ZenBook S to be as fast as lightning!

▲The left of the body is equipped with a standard USB Type-C, power indicator and charging indicator; all three Type-C jacks on the body supports quick-charge. It is simple yet extraordinary.
▲ZenBook S includes a smart charging function; charging to 80% is recommended because not only can this shorten the charging time, it can also prolong the usage life of the battery.
It is similar to a simplified form of the ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL) AI charging function.

▲ASUS has widely applied the Splendid and Tru2Life color management technologies on its smartphones and computers; they allow the visual effects of the screen to be optimized (similar to the BRAVIA technology of SONY).
▲Cortana voice assistant testing; the video below explains how to set it up.
(The phone has poorer reception so turn the volume up if the sound is too low)

4. Camera & Sound
▲The indicator on the side will light up when the camera is used for both notebooks; therefore you don’t have to be worried about being spied on by malicious programs and this guarantees your personal safety. The digital capacitive microphone of ZenBook Flip is hidden under the glass cover to the left of the camera. The ZenBook S also has an array microphone each to the left and right sides of the camera, therefore the reception of ZenBook S will be wider and clearer than the ZenBook Flip.
▲ZenBook S supports Dolby Atmos simulated 7.1 channel surround sound; it can be used for the headphones, stereo and the speakers of the notebook itself to provide users with the ultimate audio experiences. I only used it with the headphones included with ZenFone 3, and it had powerful bass and clear treble. I loved it very much.

▲ZenBook S is equipped with ASUS’ own Audio Wizard, blessed with the ICEpower® type-D amplifier module released by Bang & Olufsen in Denmark (its features are high efficiency, small volume and a 1000W power output that can fit in an A4 sized box without emitting high heat), and certified by Harman Kardon from the U.S. The resonant sound formed by all of these things with the triangular space created by the ErgoLift bearing truly stunned me for a notebook this size.
▲Seeing is believing but believing is not as good as experiencing! So come experience the surround sound effects of this 3D speaker now!
(The phone has poorer reception so turn the volume up if the voice is too low)

5. Conclusion
As described above, these two notebooks each have their own benefits and consumer groups; I will list 10 advantages for each laptop below for your reference.

Advantages of ZenBook S▲
1. Extremely lightweight (1kg)
2. Powerful performance
3. Quick cooling
4. Comfortable typing angle brought by the ErgoLift bearing
5. Shocking, ultra-narrow frames of the screen
6. Outstanding external sound effects
7. Fingerprint identification unlocking
8. Extremely fast charging speed
9. Extremely long 13.5 hour standby durability
10. Fast as lightning Thunderbolt™ 3 transmission technology + future trend Type-C jacks.

Advantages of ZenBook Flip▲
1. Very lightweight (1.3kg)
2. Cool and comfortable touch from its fully aluminum alloy
3. The super low power-consumption of the Intel m3 allows the body not to heat up that easily; therefore, ZenBook Flip has a fanless design
4. 360 degrees flipping touch control screen and automatic locking technology of the keyboard allow the notebook to have more uses and easier operations
5. Even if the notebook is turned off, the USB Type-A on the body is still able to charge your other devices through the USB Charger Plus technology, allowing the notebook to instantly become an ultra-large capacity portable power bank
6. A negative 25-degree chamfer design is used at the bottom of the notebook, allowing smoother opening and closing of the screen
7. Comprehensive sockets that do not require additional external docking stations compared to ZenBook S
8. Good quick-charge (45W)
9. Cheaper price, mid/high CP value
10. Extremely great 12 hour standby durability

▲USB Charger Plus technology mentioned in point 5 above

The competition this time was really exciting. I hereby announce that the result is a tie! This is because ZenBook S wins in terms of its specifications and ZenBook Flip wins in terms of its functionality, CP value and price; so they are equally great and each one has its own advantages.
This concludes my evaluation this time. You are welcomed to leave comments below and discuss with me; please stay tuned for my next evaluation!

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