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[Share] Zenfone Max Pro M1: Not just for Limitless Gaming!

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Hey guys! I'm back and once again, Asus gave me an opportunity to experience one of their greatest phones to date and I'm here to share with you my experience with the phone they sent me. That phone is the Zenfone Max Pro M1 (3GB/32GB variant).

DSC_2649.JPG    DSC_2650.JPG

This mid-range powerhouse, despite it's beautiful internal sepecifications, is one of the cheapest among its competitors in the market. For only Php 9,995, you can get this 3GB/32GB variant or Php 12,995 for the 4GB/64GB variant.

Like my Zenfone 5 Review, I divided it into 5 categories: Design, Performance, Camera, Multimedia and Gaming.

Does the Zenfone Max Pro M1 deliver as promised? Without further ado, here is my review!


1. Design

The device is clad in a metal frame just like its Zenfone Max predecessors, which is a big plus for me. I love the all glass design of the Zenfone 5, which houses the same processor as this device, but glass is glass and we all know that glass is more fragile than metal. Zenfone Max Pro M1, even with its metal exterior, still manages to pull off a premium look.


Another big plus for me is that the camera module is not protruding from the back unlime most Zenfone models. The camera doesn't bump when placed back side first on a flat surface which prevents scratches and damages to the camera module.

Part of the design is the amazing Full HD+ display. Asus really didn't hold back with this device because the screen looks stunning. The colors are punchy and the images are crisp and clear. It's not as clear as the one on the Zenfone 5 but it's really close. For those who hate notches, then this is the phone for you. It still has bezels on top and bottom of the screen but it's thin enough to be ignored.

Unfortunately, the phone only has a micro USB charging port but it's not really a big deal if you don't care about stuff like that.

Overall, I give the design a score of 9/10

2. Performance

I divided this category into two subsections, which are actual performance and battery endurance.

Let's start with the battery endurance.

One thing is certain with this device: it can last you a day and still has enough juice for half of the next day, maybe even more. That's right! The battery of this device is definitely one of the longest lasting batteries in the entire mid-range market.

The battery, with my normal use, which consisted of burst gaming times, continuous Wi-Fi, social media apps, Google, and a few episodes of downloaded Grey's Anatomy new season, lasted about 22 hours before I had to charge again. It even has a remaining 22% before I plugged it in. (I never let any phone go under 15% except in rare circumstances)


As for the performance, it handled regular apps like a breeze. It wasn't as fast as the Zenfone 5 but it comes close. Apps also opened fast and multitasking is great. Having the Pure Android UI also made it easier to navigate through the phone (unless you're used to Zen UI which I prefer). There were no evident lags. As a daily driver, it can handle any mundane tasks you throw at it.

For the performance, I give Zenfone Max Pro M1 a 10/10

3. Camera

I'm going to be honest. I'm a little disappointed because it doesn't have the same PixelMaster UI and PixelMaster Camera app that any other Zenfones have. You don't have complete control over your photos and you have a limited amount of modes you can use.


With that said, this phone's built in camera is still a great shooter. You can still capture great photos with the presets you're given especially with the HDR preset which makes the photos better in every way.

For the Camera, I give it a 7.5/10
(Please wait for my indepth camera review that I will post soon)

4. Multimedia

This part is divided into two categories: Video and Audio.

Let's start with the video.

Like most mid-range devices, the built in player can't play all types of media perfectly because there are licensing issues with codecs that manufacturers have to deal with. Fortunately, there are media players in the market that removes this limitation like VLC and MX Player Pro. When used together with hardware integration, all videos play buttery smooth even Full HD videos with 60 fps frame rates.


Streaming Apps deliver amazing HD content through the magnificent display, making streaming a great experience. AND there's no notch to block elements so that's a big big plus! You can binge watch Netflix and YouTube without any hassle (unless your internet can't handle it.)

For the Audio,

The sound quality from both the speaker and the earphones are great for a phone with this pricetag. Maximum volume for the speakers have no broken sound and it delivers all audio clearly. Volume levels are also balanced unlike other Zenfones where low volumes are really low and there's sudden loss of volume when it reaches middle levels.


Another plus is the addition of 3.5mm jack which is a rare feature for phones nowadays.

For multimedia, I give it a score of 10/10

5. Gaming

Limitless Gaming. That's what this phone is all about. And let me tell you this, it really delivers as promised!


It handled every game I tried on it and even the games with console graphics were handled pretty impressively. Some games did experience lag or stutter but that's because most of those games are designed for flagship devices. It's amazing that the phone handled it pretty well, considering.

If you are a casual gamer like Candy Crush or Flappy Bird kind of gamer, then you don't have to worry about this device. For those who play a little more intense, Mobile Legends, PUBG, and Arena of Valor runs smoothly even on high graphics.

What's more impressive is that even with continuous gaming, the battery doesn't seem to wanna get drained.

If you're looking for a gaming phone at a cheap price point, you don;t have to look very far because this is the device for you.

I give the phone a 10/10 for gaming.
(I will post a separate gaming review for this soon so stay tuned).

This phone is not just for your #LimitlessGaming experience and it definitely lives up to it's expectation. If you're considering what to buy yourself for Christmas, then look no further.

What I liked about the device:
  • Metal body
  • No notch
  • Full HD
  • Large Battery

What I didn't like:
  • No PixelMaster Camera App
  • Pure Android UI is still a skinned UI and not the pure vanilla version.
  • Only one speaker (I'm used to having 2 on the Zenfone 5)

PHL Moderator | All posts
Very insightful article Jan! Good job!
IND Level 1 | All posts
now getting lag in various applications. and camera quality is not good. Please also solve network connections problems with applications 
I was hoping to have Zenui/pixelmaster camera/powermaster 
When I bought the device i am getting high end graphics option with high frame rate in pubg but after this pie update i am getting low Frame rate as well as graphics what the hell is going on you guys improving my phone or giving me worst service lol gaming beast not just for gaming worst gaming experience after pie update 
Yeah. I'm using one right now. Bought it 4 days ago and I'm loving it. Mine is a 4GB/64GB variant and I love how it shoots. Shoots like a pro, like a DSLR Camera, with a few tweaks of course. However, I didn't received a MaxBox as advertised, only a pair of high quality built earphones.
Hello good afternoon. I have a problem with my unit phone model Zenfone max pro M1. It says that it has to be go under normal reverse charging and data transmission even thou I don't use any charger apart from the charge itself that given to this unit. Can you help with this please. 

My email is

PHL Level 1 | All posts
@ilovegchrome123 can u tell me about the "few tweaks"... Coz im having a lil prob with my camera... I cant install the gcam coz said "its not compatible with my device"
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