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[Unbox] [ZenFans Review] 2018 ASUS ZenBook Package Design

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Article: JennyChu  
Photography: Mary Hsi
Article Source: ASUS DESIGN

The charm of the Asus Design Center is that it is a place that allows designers from different professions to exert their various talents; each project is actually completed together by designers of different fields. In this ASUS Design article, our package designer Chuanming and visual designer Natasha will share with us the package of 2018 ASUS ZenBook.
The last names of both designers are Li, they have both worked at the design center for five years, and they both have rich experiences and ambitions for package design. I joked around and said we could use titles such as “Two Li’s in one, we’re second to none” for this article, and we’ll use a photo of them posing as martial artists for the cover. All joking aside, I must honestly say that such imagery is not just a gimmick, I truly feel that the ASUS ZenBook that made its debut at 2018 Computex this year, not only is the product itself quite stunning, its package design is also something that’s definitely worth mentioning. And the biggest heroes and promoters behind the scenes are our two leading casts today; so describing them as the perfect match of great partners is definitely not an exaggeration.
I think there are rarely any cases where someone will be a product just because of its package, but most people will definitely have good impressions on a product or even a company because of exquisite packages. Therefore, the package design of a product is indeed a very important part of a product. Because of this, the amount of research and effort put into the package by the design center are actually no less than the research and effort put into the product itself.
The greatest feature of 2018 ASUS ZenBook is its ErgoLift design; when the screen of the notebook is opened, the keyboard is naturally lifted up, making it more convenient for users to use, and it can effectively dissipate excessive heat. Chuanming stated that: “what I want to challenge is to integrate such a design concept into the package.” Chuanming always wished that he can use designs of the package structure to display the notebook like boutique; so he tried different verifications and trials during the process and faced different challenges, trying to decide between elimination and trade-off.

(A tester that Chuanming folded using corrugated paper)

The package that we see now didn’t appear from nowhere; it has been designed, tested and verified over and over again to reach what it looks like today. Chuanming hoped that the package design this time can be fully tailored for this product, so that the surprise that users experience when the keyboard naturally lifts up as they lift the screen of ASUS ZenBook, can be somewhat experienced from the package. I held the package of ASUS ZenBook and flipped it open and closed it several times and watched the notebook be lifted as I opened the box, and I felt surprised by the interaction each time. This put a big smile on my face and made me happy every time. I think this is what Chuanming was talking about using this method to express the “display the notebook to customers” feeling. This was a very thoughtful and clever idea. Because the notebook was naturally lifted, it was easier to remove from the box; so this design not only allows users to experience the lifting earlier, it also made it a lot more practical. Earlier on when colleagues shared the new generation ASUS ZenBook in the U.S., audiences on-site praised this package design non-stop. When the designer mentioned the package this time while introducing the product during Computex, YouTubers from all over the world also praised it over and over again. This was great encouragement for Chuanming.

(2018 ASUS ZenBook ErgoLift design)

(The package design of 2018 ASUS ZenBook added features of the product itself, surprising users)

Different from past package designs, the notebook and accessories this time are packaged independently; is there special meaning behind such design? “Since our notebook is so lightweight, obviously it must also have a matching lightweight package in order to highlight overall integrity.” Chuanming continued and stated: “It’s just like when a beautiful frame is needed to match a beautiful photo.”
After having such a great structure, next it relied on our visual design Natasha to perfect it. Natasha’s high degree of mastery of aesthetics is well-known. I asked her curiously how she conceived design directions when she accepted a package design case. This young designer told me: “Every product has unique temperaments; I felt it the instant I held the notebook. Then I focused on the features of the product itself to create a most matching design. This is just like when a costume designer sees models with different temperaments, he/she will create a look that suits the temperament of the models most.” I thought to myself that this must be a type of acuity that designers were born with. It is a subtle current between designers and products, and this current was reflected in the different proposals from Natasha. From the first sketch of the notebook’s unique ErgoLift to the final simple version of the case, Natasha’s understanding of the product and the high level of attention invested was shown over and over again.
During the creation process, from the moment they got inspirations to the moment of materialized display is definitely the process that each designer enjoys the most; but the challenges they face after that are what truly test their abilities. Reality usually brings many unexpected challenges for designers; sometimes designers even have to give up their original ideas. This is why they need to learn how to compromise and trade-off during the process, and this is when interdisciplinary cooperation is very important. When it comes to packages, it doesn’t matter how great the structure and pattern is once the wrong paper is chosen or if printing was not controlled properly. So as a visual designer, Natasha’s missions not only include designing eye-catching visuals, she must also make comprehensive considerations for the choice of papers and printing methods etc. in order to allow the overall display to be more perfect. And as a package designer, Chuanming must use his experience to predict various scenarios for the transporting of the packaged product to the moment it reaches the users’ hands, and figure out when the boxes might have the greatest chances of being damaged due to having the most contact, when the surface of the boxes might get scratched, and whether the beautiful box design will sacrifice loading capacity etc. All of these thought went into it just to ensure that the product could be in the most perfect condition when consumers receive the product.
If packaging is the green leaf to accentuate the product, I actually think using bud to describe the package design this time is more appropriate. The package design of 2018 ASUS ZenBook is like a bud that keeps the flower well protected, and provides beautiful and delicate care along the shape of the flower itself. When the flower blossoms, its contributions cannot go unnoticed.

(Chuanming and Natasha picking out the best materials for the package of ASUS ZenBook together)

Although creating a good product is important, but the shared efforts of different teams are the most valuable treasures of the design center. I hope I can bring you more on the people and stories behind a product in future “ASUS Design” articles so that we can feel how passionate different teams are for the design of products.

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