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Nanay Anna and Her Tikus


       Nanay Anna a woman from Matigsalog tribe in Marilog District Davao City  sells their tribes beautiful handcrafted bracelets called Tikus for 10 pesos each.Tikus is made of agsam or forest vine. They say and believe that one of their bracelet is for protection or to keep you away from having leg cramps when you go for a swim.

      During regular days Nanay Anna together with her grand children can be found at their usual spot beside the entrance of one of the known resort in Marilog which is the Seagull Mountain Resort, and they were patiently waiting for the local and foreign visitors of the place hoping that one of the guest might buy their Tikus. You can also see them along the streets of down town Davao selling their tikus during local holidays like Araw ng Davao and Kadayawan Festival.

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Easy clap sir Arkinoid... easy clap... This picture and skills used behind it is the embodiment of awesome. I love the title! The story is superb as well. Great job!
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