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[News] ASUS 5Z: October Update (OTA, Minor Fixes, Extra Features)

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Hey Zenseis
If you're waiting for the October Update for your ASUS 5Zs and still haven't received the OTA-update via Settings or through notifications; hi-fives cuz you're not the only one.

Good news is, you may aswell do the update manually from here:

I have been using Asus-products for quite a while and in-fact, update-rollouts being kinda-slow is a very Asus-thing and that's somewhat acceptable for them trying to minimize server-overloads. But there, you have the direct-link to download the whole update-package so, cheers!

The update procedure is simple: copy the downloaded-ZIP to your phone's storage (preferably on the internal-drive but external works too) and wait for a few seconds. You'll automatically get an update-prompt notification. The things after that are quite obvious then I reckon ;)


1. Adjustment of the battery percentage.
2. Fix face-unlock issues.
3. Added support for the "Selfie-Panorama" mode in the PixelMaster Camera.

All the best and keep in zen!
- Mritz.

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Will it erase any data??
Or we need not to backup our data. 
Plz give latest update feedback
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sumritiranjanpatra posted on 2018/10/7 06:20
Plz give latest update feedback

no major improvements, battery drain still remains the same, portrait mode is better slightly.
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Last edited by john281 on 2018/10/7 09:06

Major improvement is the sound output from the headphone jack its now louder and clarity also increased no other major changes hope they fix the front cam clarity in the next update and also the battery drain that some complaints about because i dont face that issue much my SOT has increased after the latest update
john281 posted on 2018/10/7 09:34
Major improvement is the sound output from the headphone jack its now louder and clarity also increa ...

I was going to buy an external DAC and Amp specially for the relatively-diminished audio (volume) output of the ASUS 5Z. I haven't updated the phone yet but if you're saying that the loudness and clarity have increased; I think I'll be one of the happiest earthling if not the most 😅 I really care about sound being an audiophile and producer.

Speaking of the SOT, I think it is because of the presence of the ZenUI-skin and the absence of an AMOLED panel - why I say this is because the skin consumes more resources and the AMOLED-panel would've helped preserve battery-juice for obvious reasons - put eveything dark or black (wherever possible) and you have a longer SOT; which is the case as in OnePlus 6. Plus, their version of Android is so much more stock and lightweight so yeah.

I don't think Asus will ever be able to increase the SOT for the above reasons; this is the best you can get out of this device I reckon. Sorry folks.
P.S.: Manually-updating the device will not wipe data on your phone. Cheers!
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Could u give the link to check for such updates?
Last edited by Mrittick Choudhury on 2018/12/29 19:55

Sure thing @jimingeorge101,

Head on to either

Good luck!
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