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[Unbox] ROG Phone Unboxing|Review|Tutorial

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Original article author: JinCOs金克(ZenTalk TW)

Welcome for reading this article if you are a player of battle royale game such like PUBG and Free Fire. I only focus the information about playing battle royale game on ROG Phone.

Gamers think hardware is more and more important since battle royale game appeared. Mobile phone company also released gaming phone for the e-sport game.

▼ Today, I want to unpack ASUS ROG gaming phone, ROG Phone. Its box is a hexagonal box with a high recognition ROG logo unlike square box in the past, and the style is consistent with ROG gaming style.

▼ The box is divided to three parts and arrange charge adapter/cable(left), ROG Phone(middle), cooling fan(right).

▼ The cable is Type-C to C cable and the adapter supports 3A/10V. Different from previous ZenFone series, the IC is located on the adapter and it can reduce the temperature when you playing game and charging at the same time.

▼ 3A quick charging adapter

According to official statement, ROG Phone is a phone born for gaming. It adopts ZenFone 5Z hardware and system. Not only keep NFC and fingerprint sensor, but upgrade battery to 4000mAh.

▼ Rear side equipped 5th corning glass with 3D curved profile cutting. What’s more, there is a ROG logo supports AURA light.

Cooperate with gamer usage habit, there is side-mount connector. Black one is for charging and the orange one is the connector for Aero Active Cooler.

▼ There are Type-C connector and 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom. DTS surround sound is your good weapon to play battle royale game.

▼ROG phone equipped with Aero Active Cooler. ROG Phone also enhanced cooling performance by copper heat spreader and carbon cooling pad.

▼ROG Phone internal cooling structure.

▼Compare to general mobile phone, ROG Phone’s cooling area is more than 16 times and enhances 60% CPU cooling efficiency. After reducing thermal interference, it could provide 5 times high speed operation time.

After the brief introduction, I will introduce the useful function for battle royale game. It includes several factors: screen, cooling performance, and button.
1.        cooling setting
2.        display setting
3.        L key & R key(AirTrigger)
4.        Game Genie setting

1. Cooling setting
▼This function will pop up when you install Aero Active Cooler. The message pop up and notice you can close cooling fan during a call.

▼You can adjust fan speed or choose auto adjustment depend on temperature of phone. The wind is quite strong.

▼Cooling fan supports charging and 3.5mm audio jack, the cables won’t bother you when you playing game.

2. Display setting
I have to mention screen spec. AMOLED display, 18:9, 1ms response time, and 90Hz refresh rate.
▼ You can choose 60Hz or 90Hz in the display setting.

3. L key & R key (AirTrigger ultrasonic sensor)
Unlike other mobile phone use pressure sensor, ROG Phone use ultrasonic sensor to detect user’s operation. AirTrigger could be L key and R key in horizontal mode and it also could quick access function in portrait mode.
▼ There are three sensors on the phone.

You can choose press force in the setting and adjust which button control by AirTrigger after entering game. For battle royale gamer, you can set it up as telescopic sight or shooting.

▼ L key is blue and R key is red.

4.Game Genie Setting
The tips you must know. You can set up L key, R key, game console, etc. Evenmore, you can launch game recording in a short time.

▼Enter X mode, tap upper-right icon, and enter setting of game genie.

▼Select game toolbar and enter game app list.

▼ FreeFire and Asphalt 9 are installed.

Having said so much, is there any use for playing battle royale game?
Play a game directly!

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THE ROCK........ i want this phone. Can Asus Give me this phone ?
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i want this phone, it's peferct \"\"
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Awesome smartphone
I hope can have one this super smartphone
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i agen togel terpercaya  really want this phone for gaming,
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amazing, and perfect haha...
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Im reply this message using ROG 
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