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[More Information Needed] [Screen/ Touch] Temperory black screen

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warior_ali96 MYS Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by warior_ali96 on 2018/9/30 21:14

Hye..  Why my phone turn to black screen for one second and then it back to normal while i m playing video games or accessing my social media. It is like blinking for one second and back to normal again.. And this problem keep happen at one or twice a day.. For your information i m just bought this phone for 2 weeks ago... Can any one cab help me  explain what is the problem plizzz..
ITA Level 4 | All posts
Heve same . And have  ben reported😟
MYS Moderator | All posts
Hi warior_ali96,

Try backup your data and do factory reset. Just checking, have you updated to the latest firmware? If you have not already, highly advice you to do so.

Please also provide us the information below for record purpose:
Current firmware number:
Have you ever rooted this phone?:
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