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[Experience Sharing] Tip to get an excellent battery life from ASUS 5z

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Zenz_vigu IND Level 2 | All posts
Dear all,
I recently found out this tip for improving the battery life. With this you can easily notice a drastic good behaviour in your phone.
Just enable scheduled charging and set the time to somewhere around 10pm(your usual sleep time ) and wake up time 6am.
Now put your mobile to charge at 10pm and sleep peacefully. Our phone will auto charge to 100% without any damage to battery since it is a scheduled charging  .
Now remove from charge and observe the battery life.

Enjoy your flagship phone.
Sir how to use schedule charging on asus please tell us
Zenz_vigu IND Level 2 | All posts
Hello , please go to settings , then enter battery then enter power master then enter battery care. Enable that option and then select schedule charging. Now set the time as per your sleep and wake up time. Ensure that atleast 6 hours is given so that the device is done good trickle charging 
IND Level 3 | All posts
Last edited by vipkulshreshtha18 on 2018/9/23 11:20

Appreciate it. However, it's no trick, actually. No doubt you are correct in saying that the battery life will be somewhat better. However what scheduled charging does is that it charges the device at normal ratings, i.e. maybe 5V~2A or 5V~1.5A. In comparison to the Quick charge, which the device usually uses, normally charging your device has been shown to improve battery life to some extent (on any device). This is true because any type of quickcharge does put a bit of a stress on the battery, especially in affecting it chemically, over time.  
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Help needed
I can't find power master option

Zenz_vigu IND Level 2 | All posts
Power master is the first option
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