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[Tutorial] [ZenFans Review] How To Root Zenfone 5 2018 ZE620KL

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This time I am going to share a Tutorial How to root zenfone 5 2018 ZE620KL, Please note Zenfone 5 i mean is the newest Zenfone, which is released in 2018. Before you start you need to download some of the ingredients needed to root Zenfone5 and make sure your Zenfone 5 charge is above 80%.

Before we start Tutorial How To Root Zenfone 5 ZE620KL, Please download first below material first:

After you downloaded all the needs for Root Zenfone 5 ZE620KL, you need to backup first your data that you have on Zenfone 5, because the process will make all data (photos, videos, contacts and others) disappear due to erasing. So everything you have, I suggest to back up. besides that, after processing the Zenfone 5 root, you will not get an OS update automatically through OTA, so it must be updated manually. And I also need to remind you that I am not responsible if there is a failure in the Root process so that the Zenfone 5 does not work, in other words

Do With Your Own Risk.

Please pray first ... if we have already started.

Unlock Bootloader Zenfone 5 ZE620KL
The first thing we have to do is to unlock the Bootloader first. Unlock Bootloader application that has been downloaded before, please move it to internal memory, then please install the application.
Before installing you need to allow installation from unknown sources, so that the downloaded application can be installed, how?
Please open the settings then Security> Device administrators> Unknown sources

If you have already installed the application and make sure that you have previously run the application, you have backed up the data as I said before.

Your device will reboot, which means the Unlock Bootloader process is successful. There is no difference means that after Unlock and before Unlock, the difference is when booting for the first time, a notice will appear as shown below :

After the bootloader unlock process is complete, we proceed to the next process to root Zenfone 5 ZE620KL.

Take boot.img from updated firmware for Root Zenfone 5 2018
Like i info previously on point number 2, we need to download firmware according to what is used by our device, at this time I use the updated firmware during the tutorial how to root this Zenfone 5 I made, namely firmware Version V15.0619.1807.31 position.

If it has been downloaded, please extract and open the folder and search for the file named boot.img

How To Install Magisk on Zenfone 5 2018 ZE620KL
After you've found it please copy it and then transfer it to your Zenfone 5 internal memory. In addition, Magisk Manager APK and Magisk V17.1 that have been downloaded also need to be moved to internal memory. So there are a total of 3 files that need to be moved to internal memory.

Now we proceed to the next process,  installing the Magisk Manager Apk. After installing, please open the application and follow the process below.

(Process differences may occur, I only provide information on how I root my zenfone 5).

Open Magisk Manager Apk, then select Install

Select install Magisk ver 17.1

After that, select install again and select Patch boot.img

If all steps are done correctly, you will find a message like the picture below, meaning it is correct and can proceed to the next process.

If you find a message like the picture below, it means it's not successful, please repeat the process as shown below

Please repeat the process. Open the magisk application, then in the Install option select Download ZIP

after that, select install again and select Patch boot.img. You should get a message that the patch boot image process was successful. Don't forget the location of the patched image you must remember.
In order not to forget, it's better to move to internal memory (outside the folder) so that it's easy to find it.

Now open the ADB folder that you have downloaded, place it on drive C, then move the results of the patch boot image into the ADB folder.

Now take your Zenfone 5, go to Fastboot mode (press volume + and power button) then connect it to the computer.

Open the ADB folder and press shit and right-click, select "open new command here"
Then type fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img

When finished, type fastboot reboot

Until this point your Zenfone 5 ZE620KL should be completed at ROOT. To ensure that it has been successfully rooted, download  Root Checker application from the play store and check it.

That's the Tutorial How to Root Zenfone 5 ZE620KL. Hopefully useful, if there are questions please write in the comments column. Sorry if something is missed.

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OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
Hi! Thank you for your tutotrial. Can I ask, can you still use app like Pokemon go or banking app?
DEU Level 1 | All posts
Now my Asus Zenfone 5 just doesn't boot anymore...
OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
paul535 posted on 2018/11/6 03:18
Now my Asus Zenfone 5 just doesn't boot anymore...

Do you have the latest update when you tried to root it?
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Does this work? Any reviews? Anyone?
Last edited by pasqualecannone66 on 2018/12/26 11:59

But this root method does not work with the firmware  V15.0619.1810.73?
abandoned discussion?
OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
This work on .73. I have tried it. Im currently rooted, just follow the instruction carefully. I'm upgrading to PIE now, hopefully this root method still works.
My phone stuck at logo "ASUS" after this method what should I do?
RUS Level 1 | All posts
Does this method appeal to ZenFone 5 lite?
BRA Level 1 | All posts
Can you tell me if it works in the digital version: v1.04.09.04
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