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A Basic Guide on how to listen to Music better!

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A Basic Guide on how to listen to Music better!
A Semi-Audiophile Beginner's Guide!

Music has, is, and will always be a part of our lives. On our life's happiest and saddest moments, Music will always be there to make those moments better! That's why i made this guide on how to make your music listening experience "better" in a way that you can choose what's right for you

(Note that we will only be discussing the basics, thus the emphasis of "Semi-Audiophile Beginner's Guide" on the Title. We will not be discussing more intricate stuff like sampling rates/bitrates, in-depth frequency explanation, drivers and minute driver parts to lessen confusion)

Essentially, the most important stuff to consider are 1. Digital Audio Player(DAP), 2. Music File Quality and 3. Output Hardware(Earphones, Headphones, Speakers) Quality.
We already have item No. 1 covered as our Zenfones are already excellent DAP's and even support Hi-Fi playback! Hi-Fi refers to quality of music being reproduced when playing Music Files.

For Music FIle Quality, an "uncompressed" or "lossless" file format is generally the best kind of audio file type to have. MP3
s do the job quite well but there exists other audio file types who does the job even better. Namely, these are the LOSSLESS or UNCOMPRESSED audio files who retain their studio-like quality. These usually have a .FLAC file extension(the best type for me as they have lossless quality but have a reasonable file size) but others also exist like .aiff, .wav, and other lossless formats. General rule of thumb is the bigger the file size is, the better the quality. But take heed me loyal subjects, lossless formats are typically above 50mb PER AUDIO FILE so better watch your internal storage space.
If your storage space is insufficient, an MP3 audio file will do but make sure to have the 320kbps bitrate version of your MP3's. Bitrate refers to the data stored in the song. Generally, higher bitrate means better quality. 320kbps is the maximum bitrate there is right now so ya get the picture.
Last but certainly not the least, your Hardware. Our ZenEar that came with our Zenfones are very excellent themselves with the frequency it covers. It is even valued around 800-1k pesos on the online market so you guys better grab hold of it. But if ya want something beefier and juicier, then upgrading is an option but get ready your wallets because hardware is the most expensive part of this guide!
Personally, i only recommend to watch out for 2 specifications when hunting for hardware. These are their frequency and driver type. "Frequency" is the extent of the sound wavelength that the hardware can play. Summarized, the lowest digit refers to the power of the bass and the highest digit is the highest tone pitch it can play.
Example, an earphone of 15khz~40000khz is better than a headphone with 20khz~20000khz. You can see that the earphone has a wider extend of frequency than the headphone. The lower "lowest digit" value means it has a more powerful bass, which is everything for most people. But take heed again me loyal subjects, Driver Type will greately influence how accurate and crisp the sound production will be. A Balanced Armature produces more detailed audio while a Dynamic Driver produces better bass and more powerful sound. That's why it's very important to research beforehand when buying you hardware. Subtle stuff like magnet type, diaphragm type and casing type are stuff that i leave to you guys to google because it'd make this topic twice as long
There are stuff to further improve quality like "portable amplifiers" but it's another stuff for googling as it's a lengthy discussion to explain how those stuff work and what kind of amplifiers are best suited for different hardwares.
This covers most of the basic stuff. Feel free to comment if you guys have any questions
Anyways, here's the estimated budget for hardwares:

If you want the most practical hardware, earphones are the best choice for that department because silicon in-ear earbuds provide natural noise cancelling effect and cover a wider frequency range for their price due to their small driver size. There are also earphones who hold multiple drivers per earpiece like In-Ear Modules or IEM's.
Estimated budget: 800 pesos to 5000 pesos

Headphones provide a more natural "soundstage" which refers to how accurate can it produce the "location" of instruments and sounds. It's also referred to as "Surround Sound" in movies which describes the accuracy of location, for example, of an explosion sound which happened in the movies. If it happened somewhere on the right of a screen, an "accurate soundstage" will reproduce the sound only on the right side. They also provide a more snug and comfortable fit but they do come at a price.
Estimated budget: 2000 pesos to 15000 pesos(ouch.)

Speakers are for peeps who want to share the glory of music to everyone. They are the most expensive type but are the best for your group of friends and families to share that epic death metal you just purchased!
Estimated budget: 5000 to 15000 for 240v Hi-Fi Stereo Equipment but there are better and more expensive stuff out there worth 6 digits(yameteeee). 6000 to 25000(nani?!) for portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers.

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